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27 High Street, Dunfermline, United Kingdom
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Fife’s first escape rooms. Our 'Auld Grey Toun' and 'Mission: Implausible' rooms provide a challenging and fun escape experience.  Looking for something a bit different? Fife's first escape room is opening at 27 High Street, Dunfermline. Our 'Auld Grey Toun' room will immerse you in the town's history while providing a challenging and fun experience.

Everything required to escape is in the room.  All you need to do is use your team's problem solving skills and your powers of observation to follow the clues, solve the puzzles, find the key and escape within 60 minutes!

Sounds like a challenge? Why not give it a go!


Fab escape by Allan and his team from Mission: Implausible last night. 53.23 is not too shabby at all. Great effort folks!

Cracking entertainment and some quality escaping by Team Elisha (Auld Grey Toun) and The Green Morrisons (Mission: Implausible) over the past couple of days. Great stuff everyone!

Great entertainment provided by Daniel and his squad this afternoon who enjoyed Mission: Implausible so much they went straight into The Auld Grey Toun afterwards. Two escapes. Less than 100 minutes in total. Job done! Well played folks - enjoy the beer festival tonight!

What a brilliant morning with the MST teams from Fife's social work department. It was East versus West in a double room challenge and they were both 'pining' for the prize! After the first round the West team were in the lead escaping The Auld Grey Toun in 55.13 and East team escaping Mission: Implausible in 57.22. In round two both teams did amazingly well both claiming top ten escape times for their rooms: East taking 2nd place on The Auld Grey Toun leader board with an escape time of 35.56 and West taking 9th place on the Mission: Implausible leader board with their escape time of 49.21. So East were victorious with a combined time of 93.18 and West with 104.34. Great team work and lots of laughs - well played folks!

A bit of competitive action yesterday as two teams from Fife Council went head to head. The Auld Grey Toun team escaped first (and so can gloat!!!) followed by the Mission: Implausible escapees around five minutes later. Great escaping and lots of banter!

Catching up from a quiet weekend at Go due to other commitments but we still managed to squeeze in a couple of successful escapes. First up, hats off to the The Jackson duo had a brilliant escape from Mission: Implausible in 56.16. Next up were Rebecca, Grace, Kiah and Shinead, who did fantastically well to beat The Auld Grey Toun in 55.00. Well done everyone!

A couple of cracking escapes today. First up, The Auld Grey Toun was no match for the escape prowess of Graeme and his squad, who got out in a very decent time of 54.22. Mission: Implausible didn't fare any better against birthday girl Emma and her crew who didn't let a slow start faze them as they escaped in a great time of 53.21. Well played folks - have a fab weekend!

A competitive edge at Go tonight as our two teams of physios from The Vic battled it out. Both off to a slow start, they soon found their feet and it was a race to the finish, with team Auld Grey Toun coming out on top - just! Great fun though - looking forward to round 2! Well played folks!

A triple headed birthday celebration kept us all entertained on Sunday afternoon. Amelia (with her pals) and Madison (with her family) both celebrated in style with successful escapes but Liam and his pals were not as lucky, getting locked in The Auld Grey Toun. It was great to see some if our youngest players every having such a great time and doing so well! Happy Birthday everyone!

It ended up a competitive social club event at Go Escape today! First up was Lynne, Daniel, Lauren, Katrina and Bruce who escaped from The Auld Grey Toun in 58.56. Next up was Janet, Ian, Billy, Mark, Natalie and Lynne who did even better escaping from Mission: Implausible in 56.30. Last but certainly not least were Denise, Keith, Quin, Alison and Paul who took the crown today escaping from The Auld Grey Toun in 49.23!! Well played folks!

A cracking day at Go saw loads of laughs, plenty of banter and four great escapes. A special mention to Connor and his team, who for the 2nd fastest Mission: Implausible escape with their time of 44.29. Great stuff everyone!


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