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The Technocentre, Puma Way, Coventry, United Kingdom
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Spy Equipment UK is a well respected and established spy and surveillance equipment manufacturer and distributor to the UK and worldwide marketplace.   Offering a superb range of spy equipment and spy gadgets to suit all situations Here at Spy Equipment UK we have been involved in the supply, manufacture and distribution of spy, surveillance and counter measures equipment since 2000. The company is led by a former Police Officer and Private Investigator with vast experience and knowledge relevant to the industry. Other members of the team include Electronics Engineers, Technicians and Security Consultants. Based in Coventry at the heart of the UK, Spy Equipment UK services a huge area across the Midlands and Wales, although through our website we have a massive customer base, both corporate and domestic, throughout the UK and worldwide.


Photos from Spy Equipment UK's post This Samsung Galaxy S6 is a fully functional Smartphone that has been installed with specialist spy phone software that can monitor a wider range of phone user activity than any other spy phone available. WHO IS THIS PRODUCT SUITED FOR? This spy phone is the perfect solution for keeping an eye your children for their own protection and also by giving you reassurance that they are safe. As an employer, it is also suited to keeping tabs on employees who you suspect use their company phone for illegal activity. The Samsung Spy phone may also be considered to safeguard/track an elderly relative for their well-being.

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Spy Glasses Camera / DVR | Portable Hidden Cameras These spectacles feature a discreet spy camera and built-in DVR producing high definition 720p quality footage. This product is perfect for Mystery Shoppers and Private Investigators who require body worn surveillance which is completely discreet!

Timeline Photos Check out our top 10 best selling spy shop products! Whether you’re looking for a professional spy camera or a listening device, it’s now easy to see which products are our best sellers from our spy equipment store.

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Outdoor Infrared WiFi CCTV Camera System | WiFi Spy Camera

Kepp your business and private premises secure with the Outdoor Infrared WiFi #CCTV #Camera System

Recording Devices : Headset Voice Recorder

Headset Voice Recorder

HD Video/Voice Recording Spy Pen | Portable Spy Cameras

The Video/Voice Recording Spy Pen provides the facility to make HD video recordings together with high quality audio

HD Spy Watch Camera with Recorder | Spy Equipment UK

Spy Watch Camera / Recorder - HD from Spy Equipment UK

GPS Evolution Vehicle Tracker | Tracking Devices - Spy Equipment UK

GPS Evolution Vehicle Tracker

DAB Radio WiFi Spy Camera | Wireless Spy Camera - Spy Equipment UK

DAB Radio WiFi Spy Camera

Phone Cradle HD Spy Camera | Portable Hidden Camera

iPhone Cradle HD #Spy #Camera

Samsung Galaxy S7 Spy Phone | Spy Mobile Phone

The #Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is currently one of the most desirable #spyphones available

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Timeline Photos


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