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Daily tips on fitness, Nutrition and motivation.   Personal training, strength,  fat loss,  body transformations  in Caernarfon LIKE This page for daily tips and advice on Fat Loss, Strength & Conditioning, Bodybuilding, Fitness and Motivation. Qunatum Fitness Is A Health & Fitness Provider That Aims To Educate People In Their Fitness & Fat Loss Goals In A Fun And Effective Way.


In life you are generally one or the other, we often go to extremes. Everything is either good or bad, right or wrong or healthy or unhealthy. However everything isn't black and white. - Let me give you an example, at one point everyone believed (some still do) that to get into shape you must run or do some sort of cardio and that weight training was for juiceheads. - it's kind of switched now, that you must only lift, and cardio is for skinny people. - Let me let you into a little secret... they will both complement each other extremely well... there no point being incredibly strong if your a walking heart attack waiting to happen. - Yes, it is pretty cool to lift heavy shit, however, I'm sure you'll agree that not getting out of breath with your kids is pretty awesome too. - For me, strategically doing both weights and cardio is the best way to get the best of both worlds. So you can be strong as all hell, and the fittest one in the room. You don't have to choose - you can do both.

When it comes to losing body fat it is not as complicated as it may seem. . There's a bunch of stuff that claims to help you lose weight, and some of it might, however, they are not necessary. – There's... Low Carb Low Fat Ketosis Meal Timing Strategies Meal Frequency Strategies Intermittent Fasting Fasted Cardio High-Intensity vs. Low-Intensity Exercise I could keep going on for another full page... - Here are the facts, most of your fat loss will come from a few little things. - They are: - 1️⃣ - Being in a Calorie Deficit 2️⃣ - Eating a Balanced Ratio of Macronutrients 3️⃣ - Strength Training 4️⃣ - Staying Active - Get these in place and your on to a winner!

😯😯 It doesn't matter how healthy you eat if your not in a deficit you won't lose weight. - 🙈It's true, you can eat 10 fruit and veg, whole grains, lean proteins (the list goes on). However, if you are still overconsuming calories you won't lose weight. - ☝️When it comes to weight loss, the main determining factor will be calories. In theory, it doesn't really matter how you get them all from chocolate or from healthy foods if you're in a deficit you will lose weight. - 😜so first things first get your calories in check, then building new healthy lifestyle habits you can get the quality of the diet better. - know someone this may help? ⤵️Tag em!

Sleep💤 THE REPAIRING OF MUSCLE AND OTHER TISSUES, AND REPLACEMENT OF AGING OR DEAD CELLS Sleeping for 8-10 hours per night is similar to fasting and this is catabolic to muscle growth. However, eating just prior to sleeping can help to reverse this process and increase protein synthesis. Protein synthesis does occur under conditions of sleep but it occurs in the gastrointestinal tract, not the muscles. SLEEP TO RECHARGE THE BRAIN Adenosine (a neurotransmitter that produces ATP, the energy-storage molecule that powers most of the biochemical reactions inside cells) is used as a signal to tell the brain that it needs to rest. Rising and declining concentrations of adenosine suggest that the brain is actually resting during sleep given that adenosine secretion reflects brain activity. GETTING ADEQUATE SLEEP Often it is hard to get a good night of sleep. Even when we do fall asleep the quality of the sleep may not be sufficient. The following ways can assist in getting that good night sleep and subsequently the benefits thereof. ➡️Never Oversleep: Oversleeping may set the bodies clock to a different cycle. This will make trying to fall asleep much harder. ➡️Take A Warm Bath: A warm bath will soothe and relax. However, a shower will have the opposite effect so these should be avoided. ➡️Exercise: Exercising, particularly aerobic, during the day will sufficiently tire one out and sleep will come faster at night. Intense training sessions during the late evening will have the opposite effect. ➡️Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine & Tyrosine-Rich Foods At Night: Caffeine causes hyperactivity and wakefulness. Tyrosine-rich foods are brain stimulating and may keep one awake. Alcohol significantly disrupts sleep by interfering with the stages of sleep. ➡️Avoid Sleeping Pills: These may work temporarily but in the long term will cause disturbed sleep patterns. ➡️Correct Sleeping Environment: Keep your room reasonably cool (about 60 degrees). Humidity may cause disrupted sleep. A fan running or soft background music may help to relax and encourage sleep. ➡️Make evenings relaxed, not stressful affairs. ➡️Do not watch television in bed. This may also increase alertness. The brain may also decide that bedtime is for television watching and refuse to sleep.

💥HOW TO LOSE BODY FAT💥 . When we talk about getting into shape we often think about weight loss. Let's just clarify that weight loss can be fat, muscle and water. Most people want fat loss. . So the best way to lose "body fat" is with the below . 1️⃣ Calculate your calorie deficit (body weight in lbs x 15 = maintenance - 20-25% = calorie deficit) 2️⃣ Include protein & veggies in every meal 3️⃣ Avoid liquid calories & drink more water 4️⃣ Reduce stress 5️⃣ Engage in regular sleeping habits 6️⃣ Strength train using primarily compound movements 3-4 times a week . ❓Questions ❓⬇️ leave 'em below. 🙃

How to stop food cravings - When someone starts a diet they will more than likely start cutting all the things they love out of their diet. - However, when we stop ourselves from enjoying the foods we love the desire to have it grows until you reach a point that is uncontrollable. - What happens next is that instead of having a little bit we will end up binging and going overboard. - Which then leads to more restriction due to guilt, then leads to yo-yoing - We all have cravings, sometimes it is ok to power through, but don't think in any way shape or form if you want something you are failing! - have the slice of pizza or cake. Have ice cream or candy bar. have a doughnut - Not only will you have more control over your portions, but you’ll likely find your cravings get satisfied without feeling the need to binge on everything in sight! - Think this will help someone? Tag them below

🍪WHAT TO DO AFTER BINGE EATING🍪 - I don't care who you are, or how much willpower you have from time to time you will slip up. and that's ok it is normal. - Don't get me wrong, we should always aim to be the best we can be. However, if we think everything will be all sunshine and roses (cheeky rocky quote 😂👊) all the time you will set yourself up to fail. - There will be a point where we will slip up. overeat and end up on a mad binge. - However, it is not the screw up that matters but the response! - After we overeat a lot of people will be consumed by guilt that they try to counter it by doing loads of unplanned cardio, starving themselves or worse waiting til the dreaded Monday to ✌️re-start ✌️... which will set you up for more misery (more on that another day) - the best thing to do is act as it never happened! - ✅ resume normal eating ✅ follow your normal training plan ✅ don't stress out, it's done now get over it

❤❤I'm looking for 5 women who want to change get into shape.❤❤ The Female Fitness Academy is for women who are looking to lose 10 + LBS whilst regaining their strength and confidence after years of not focusing on themselves from the comfort of your own home from as little as 33p per day. This is for you if you want: ➡️ Personalised calorie goals which are amended as you progress for long-term results ➡️ Learn how to eat the foods you love and lose weight... pizza, cake, savoury or whatever you like ➡️ New Recipe E-book every month ➡️ New Home / Gym workout plan every month ➡️ Get connected with like-minded women who can also offer you support and guidance ➡️ On-going support from a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Certified PN1 Nutritional Coach and Certified OTA Online Trainer ❤️It's time you regain your strength and confidence. It's time to start looking great and having the energy to enjoy life. ❤️It's time to start feeling confident in your own clothes, as well as being in a shape that your friends are jealous of, walking into a bar & turning heads. It's time to realise your potential and unleash how amazing you can be All this for ONLY £9.99 / $14.16 a month To apply drop me a message today.

💥Been good all week and no movement on the scale?💥 - First things first I would HIGHLY recommend you use more than just the scales to measure progress. - ✅Measurments ✅Photos ✅How you feel ✅Clothes - The truth is weight won't go down each week, it can fluctuate as much as 2-3lbs on a daily basis depending on a number of factors such as: - ✅Time of the month ✅Salt intake ✅Hydration levels - When you start this is how it will work for most: - You get a big drop in weight (usually water weight) followed by small loses for a few weeks, then into the one step forward two steps back process. Which is just how someone responds. This can, however, be demotivating especially if you are just tracking weight. - The best thing I can advise is to use the scale but in conjunction with the above ☝️ - Knowing that☝️, you should NOT be freaking out every day it doesn’t move your way, okay? - Instead, what you should do is pay attention to long-term trends. The way I do this with clients is by taking their weight daily and then using that data to find weekly/monthly averages.

💥HOW TO LOSE FAT💥 - First things first... before you rush in with how many calories you need... the best meal plan or the fanciest workout... let's think mindset! - The main reason people fail is not that they don't know what to do. It is because they go all out, to fast to soon and overwhelm themselves, they feel like they aren’t making progress quickly enough. So they get discouraged. De-motivated. - Here's what most people do, they know there is no quick fix so they restrict everything and crash diet, do loads and loads of cardio and it is not sustainable, they binge then restrict and fall into the trap of yo=yo dieting! - So here me out... please be patient, just think how long it took you to get out of shape. there is no quick fix, no magic potion to do this. Make the process enjoyable and worthwhile! - So, listen. Promise me. Please. Be patient. Ruthlessly, unrelentingly patient. There is no rush. This is a lifelong process, not a 30-day fix. Take a breath. Smile. Grit your teeth and prepare for the long haul. If for nothing owe it to yourself. Might as well enjoy the process. You only get one shot, after you might as well make it worthwhile❤️ - #fitness #fitnessinspiration #fitnessjourney #fitspo #fitspiration #fitsporation #fitfam #fitfoodie #fitfriends #flexibledieting #flexibleeating #diet #dietplan #dietfood #fatloss #nutritionist #personaltrainer #personaltraining #coach #fitnesscoach #femalefitnessacademy #lukemitchellpt

💥HOW TO GET STRONGER💥 - 🤐I usually keep all my premium content and advice for my clients and Female Fitness Academy, however, i'm a firm believer in sharing knowledge so all can benefit from it. - It's easy to think that you will get stronger each time you hit the gym! - For most when they start lifting strength will go up pretty fast! - However, as you progress and get stronger it becomes harder to keep the same level of strength increases up! - In the same way, you can't expect to lose weight every time you step on the scale, you can't expect to gain strength every time you go to the gym. - Just like weight loss isn't the only factor when it comes to fat loss, increases strength can come in many forms! - I want you to remember one very important point. - You probably got "addicted" on lifting because you loved it. You loved how it made you feel. You loved how empowering it was. You loved the process of getting stronger. - Now, if you find yourself getting stressed out or worried or concerned or angry or demotivated because you aren't getting as strong as you'd like as quickly as you'd like....take a step back and re-evaluate. - STOP... Take a little breather and think! - You do this because you love it. Don't let it stress you out... look at the infographic on how you can measure success in the gym - #strengthandconditioning #strength #strengthtraining #strengthtrain #strong #strongman #strongwoman #powerlifting #powerlift #powerlifter #powerliftingwomen #weightlifting #weights #chickswholift #ladieswholift #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #bodybuilder #bodybuilder #bodybuildingcom #muscles #femalefitnessacademy #lukemitchellpt

🤔There is so much information on the internet that it can all be a tad confusing when it comes to knowing what to do. . I'm not convinced by these la-de-da fancy looking programs that so-called "GURU's"🙄 push online. I'm realistic when it comes to exercise. You don't need to know a lot just a few basics... throw in some good old fashion effort and you have the perfect recipe for success 😀 - Because you can have the fanciest looking program with the most complex exercises and calculated macronutrient guidelines...but if it’s not realistic, practical, or easy to’s not going to be effective. And, like Professor Flitwick so eloquently says, what the flying fuck is the point of that? - Anyhow... - ☕️If you’ve ever been a little unsure of what to do at the gym - Pick stuff up (deadlift). - Pull stuff (chin-ups, lat pull downs & rows). - Squat stuff (squats). - Press stuff (push-ups, overhead presses). - Lunge stuff (lunges). - Carry stuff (farmers walks). - Stretch stuff (hips, hamstrings, glutes, etc). - Twist stuff (Russian twist like cable rotations, landmine rotations, etc). - Give these a go... be consistent and you'll be on to a winner