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Massage By Jason

Milcote Road, Bearwood, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Massage Service



Jason Lane - Massage Therapist and Arbonne Independant Consultant. Swedish massage is designed to relax and invigorate tired muscles, but there are many other benefits including, helping digestion, blood circulation and also aids the lymphatic and nervous systems.

Full body including face and scalp  £48.50
Full body without face and scalp   £40
both taking just over an hour, face and scalp will take a little longer.

Half hour back massage   £25
back massage including face and scalp  £32.50 this massage should take around 45 mins

Sports Massage

Do you over do it at the gym or play lots of sport that leave you tired and aching. Sports massage can help with all this and even help with pre event warm ups!

Initial Consultation - £40 this will include posture and body shape assessment and last 1 hour
Maintenance appointments - Prices range from £15 - £25

Pre Event Massage -  £20 (discounts available for two or more people)



Due to popular demand and all those I couldn’t get in... half price massages are also available this week!

*** All next week... * neck back and shoulder massage is half price at just £12.50 * Indian ahead Massage 💆‍♂️ also half price at £17.50 #mentalhealthandwellbeing

Appointments available... Go on treat yourself, and don’t forget my 45 min massage 💆‍♂️ is just £20...

📣Discover the Benefits of Massage So do you think massage is just for sporty types?... Wrong! #Healthandwellbeing Massage can help with all sorts of conditions including Stress, Anxiety and Depression So... Recover Recharge Repair relax

😲😲😲 it’s snow joke... My 45 min massage is £20 all March long!!!

My 45 min massage is now available until the end of March... Spring into spring this March with these 3 great 30 min massages for just £17.50... Treat your feet... Relaxing Facial The amazing, stress busting Indian Head Massage... #mensmentalhealth And all 3 would be great Mothers Day present!

***This half term A 45 min massage is now just £20***

❤️❤️❤️ Treat Your Feet with love this February ❤️❤️❤️ This Amazing half hour relaxing/Stress Vusting Massage now comes with a free 100ml off Treat Your Feet massage oil especially blended for well trodden feet... Discover the Benefits of massage Recover Recharge Repair Relax

❤️❤️❤️ This Valentines Day ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️Treat Him ❤️Treat Her ❤️Treat Yourself But most of all... ❤️Treat your Feet... The ultimate in stress busting and pampering... why a great 30 minute foot massage of course... ❤️I’ve taken a blend of Grapeseed and Coconut oil and added 5 Essential oils including ❤️Peppermint to soothe and joint friendly ❤️Juniper And at the ❤️Lovely price of just ❤️£25❤️ which includes a 100ml bottle of ❤️Treat Your Feet massage oil to enjoy after every hard day on your feet. Offer opens today and runs until 28th February ❤️Thanks jason

That’s yesterday up until next Saturday...


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