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Empire Health & Fitness

Unit 1, Lindsay Street, Arbroath, United Kingdom
Fitness Trainer



Friendly staff on a mission to help individual reach their own personal goals.


Opening times between Christmas and New Year 27th 9am-12pm then 2pm-5pm 28th 9am-12pm then 2pm-5pm 29th 9am-12pm then 2pm-5pm 30th 9am-12pm Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!!

Meta-fit class tomorrow 9am, come try a class 👍🏼

Would be a good class

Completely free

🛑❌🛑❌🛑❌🛑❌🛑❌🛑❌🛑❌ Legs Bums and Tums is cancelled tomorrow morning!! Sorry for any inconvenience, back to normal next week 💪 ❌🛑❌🛑❌🛑❌🛑❌🛑❌🛑❌🛑

Derek giving the new stair master a go 💪💪

New stair master at the gym!! Come along and try it! 💪💪

Come and try it for yourself 🤗

Bit of body pump tonight 😄💪💪💪

Looking forward to what's coming soon

The faster you pedal the quicker Monday goes I promise 😜 Who will be visiting us at Empire Health & Fitness today 🤔