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48 Langstane Place, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
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Photogrphic and fine art printing as well as film processing (C41, Black &White and E6) and other photgraphic services. Independant professional photolab specialising in photographic equipment and photo finishing services.

Services include:

Photographic printing

Fine art printing

Film processing (C41, Black and white, E6)

Passport, Visa and ID photos

Digital scanning and archiving as well as restoration



If you have dropped off any film for us to process, we need to ask you to come and collect it. Unfortunately, as most of you know, our processor has broken and we cannot currently get it repaired as Fuji has stopped supporting the machines and parts to repair it are getting harder, and more expensive to come by. This means we are hand processing all of the film we receive. We have stopped taking in any film just now**, but despite our best efforts and working outwith opening hours, we just cannot process everything by hand, and we now have a huge backlog. We recognise this isn't fair on our customers. This means we have had to make the decision to contact the people who still have their film with us, and ask for them to come and collect it. Our opening hours are 10-6, Tuesday to Saturday. Please come and collect your film whenever is convenient for you. We're really sorry, but hopefully this is only temporary. ** If you are a part of our film subscription, we are still running this is, as we can hand process that volume of film. Unfortunately for now, it's a subscriber only thing, because of the high volume - literally hundreds of rolls a week - we currently take in.

In order to raise funds for our processor project we're holding a raffle to win a Lomo instant camera and a pack of instax. It's £1 per ticket though if you sign up for our Patreon ( you get automatic entry to this and all future competitions (number of entries dependant on tier) Buy in store or send money via paypal to

Hey guys - Ennan is off today, so it's just me in the lab.Unfortunately I have an appointment tonight, so I'll be leaving around 5. If you need anything printed or scanned, please drop by before 5!! Sorry Megan

2 for 1 on 8x12's this week!

Some news...

Another small business in trouble in Aberdeen... and it's only going to get more difficult...

Friendly reminder!

One week only! Either swing by the lab or send your images via

Anyone excited for the D850?

Bowens is the latest to fall. It's not just film that's in crisis - the whole industry is changing. For better or worse? We'll be discussing in depth very soon...

To help support us in our efforts to build a new processor we've set up a Patreon. We'll be documenting our progress as we go as well as producing a series of videos and articles on a variety of photography related topics. Sign up for £10 a month and you'll get £15 worth of credit to spend on printing and scanning. Once we've got a functional processor film development will be included too!

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