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Pilates Intel is a community for primarily Pilates instructors, though everyone is welcome. The ambition of Pilates Intel is to provide a high quality inbox magazine to an international community of instructors.  Through this we can discuss and share, facilitating an environment where we are challenged and learning. It is another avenue where we can continue to deepen into the depth and vision behind the Pilates technique.



A review of my workshop in German ;-) Thank you Reiner Grootenhuis for the kind words and the time you have taken to write and bring together.... ;-)

Great weekend workshop at! Thank you!

Hey Amy Taylor Alpers, your touching article about Romana and her teaching is well on track to being the most read Pilates Intel article to date. Congratulations...and thank you!!

Me teaching Open Leg Rocker at the San Mateo College Pilates training program run by Sarah Artha Negara.

Larkin Barnett wrote for Pilates Intel a great article worth reading...come by and have a look!

I will soon be in Santa Barbara....please come by and have a look at the program...and you are invited to take just the class is you can not dedicate the whole weekend!!

"In other words, through this innate potency, we are being guided by the wisdom of our biointelligence, supported by the logic of nature from birth to death! The question is, are we listening to, and learning from this vital relationship with our bodies … or controlling them?" - Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle Come by for a look!

Nice!!! ;-)

I will be in Santa Barbara with Amy Havens ( a personal fave) as my hostess. I very much hope that someone will show up - so far there is one person listed as 'Going'...and that is me.. ;-)

'Joe Pilates’ Childhood In Poverty' This article I am very pleased and proud to publish. it is an excerpt from a newly published book by German historian Eva RIncke - with archival photographs. Interesting, touching, and utterly essential for all Pilates lovers to learn about. Enjoy!!