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Arngrim Larsen Artist Page

Lilla grevegårdsvägen 35, Gothenburg, Sweden



I paint the world around me. Making everyday life to simple forms. I do take commissions.


Pattern XY x.4 Details 😍

Pattern XY x.3 😍

I made the lines darker. Found it more suiting for this artwork 😍Another mockup 😄

Lost in patterns 😍

WIP. Pattern ZX. 😍 Just love the intensity of this yellow 🔥

My latest artwork is done. Superstoked about this one. This mockup interior fit it so well! And shows it basically in its real size 🔥😍😍💖

Building. New lessons from yesterday. Rethink. Reborn.

Next artwork 😍 Choose to show the mockup directly. Will give you a more closeup tmrw 🔥🔥😄

Mockup interior. The artwork I made yesterday 😍

From chaos to order. Well abstract order atleast 😍

A new artwork. Will let it dry until tmrw and then see if I need to add anything. 🔥

Progress 😍


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