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Fossati Design Bureau

Via Chieri ,79, Pino Troinese, Italy
Consulting/business services



Maxi Yacht & Residential                                                                                                                Luxury Architecture Class and Refinement become Unique.

Umberto Maria Fossati  is a young renowned Interior Designer with an international flavor which combines the Italian flair and competence.
A tradition devoted to the elegance, assimilated and grown in his family… four generations  passionately consecrate themselves to the art of realize a
timeless class style.
Grown into a reality where the tastefulness and the attention to details have characterized  his design education, Designer’s eternal attraction to the art
and to the constant beauty search are part of his own being, since all along.

“…Functional, Refined and Unique, as the Italian traditional style obliges…”

The Designer enhances and sharpens the innate care of details through his several travels and cooperation with Clients, that  professionally mold him.
The reached eclecticism and sharpen in his projects are conveyed and based on the harmonious utilization of lines and extraordinary  materials.
Amazing Designer’s flair descends from blending the past and the future; projects in which time-honored elegance embraces the most avant-garde
design creating dreaming experience contexts for who will reside in.