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My English School Modena

via Carlo Cattaneo 56, Modena, Italy
Language School



Nelle scuole My English School potete imparare l’inglese in modo semplice e coinvolgente. MyES vi propone corsi personalizzati, individuali o di gruppo.


The fantantic photographers were, indeed, fantastic! Thanks everybody for coming and.. keep snapping!

Quick Quiz! Here are our fantastic new teachers! Four quick questions: 1) Which teacher is from Ireland? 2) Which teacher's region has the symbol of the red rose? 3) Which teacher likes art? 4) Which teacher is from Liverpool? Put your answers in the comments section!!

Who killed our Halloween Hoppers? Our poor teachers were murdered ...Clare, in the met, with a grammar box by Dr Gobbi. ...Dan in he inside out, with a knife by Capitano Guanti......and finally Beth, in the toilet, strangled by Pietro Pazzo! Congratulations to Simon's team who got them all right!!!

Remember remember events in November! Which ones will you choose?

Who killed our very dead (and very scary!) murdered teachers! We're about to find the killers with the help of our newly deputized student Inspectors!

It happened again!...Another teacher is dead. Who killed Beth? Come to our 'All Hallow's Eve Hop' on 31st October and help us find out! Wear a costume, drink, dance and discover the truth! Call the school and book today! E' successo ancora: un altro insegnante è morto! Chi ha ucciso Beth? Vieni alla nostra festa di Halloween il 31 Ottobre, aiutaci a trovare l'assassino e a scoprire la verità! Chiama a scuola per prenotare!

The lords and ladies at their feast! Here we are, so cheer we all, the My English School Modena team! Hip hip hooray!

Fawlty Towers - episode 1: A touch of class.. But all our students have CLASS! :)

Come and join us for Halloween fun! Discover who killed our Teachers! Have a drink and Dance as the witching hour approaches... Halloween Costume party. Call the school to sign up! Vieni al nostro Halloween Party e scopri chi ha ucciso i nostri insegnanti! Chiama a scuola per prenotarti all'aperitivo!

Oh NO! Someone has stabbed Daniel! Who is killing our teachers?.....and who will be next? Sign up for our All Hallow's Eve Hop on 31st October.....wear a costume, have a dance and stop our teachers dying!!

Thanks to our Master Storyteller Darren for the three in one Hairy Scary Tales! Did you get goosebumps?

Oh No! Who killed Clare? Someone is killing our teachers! Sign up to our All Hallow's Eve Hop and find out who dunnit...wear a costume and discover the terrible truth!