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We are Irelands only nationwide supplier of Home Fitness equipment for HIRE.


Derval O'Rourke talks food, fitness and motherhood

Check out Derval ORourke's new food column. Yum :-)

Fitness fanatic? Fitbit has opened its European headquarters in Ireland

Northern Ireland prepare for Euro 2016

Check out the Northern Ireland squad looking very comfortable on our Deluxe Commercial Race Bikes! Good luck guys. #EURO2016

Pebble Health update is much better for fitness tracking

Interested in tracking your fitness and activity levels? You might find this article useful from the Irish Examiner:

The 7 exercise kettlebell workout for your core

Here's some great kettlebell workout suggestions - why not give them a try:

Uptown Funk Treadmill Dance - Carson Dean

If you haven't seen this, you MUST! Why not give it a go?!! #hirefitness #hireatreadmill

Deadly diabetes in 'unrelenting march' - BBC News

Sad statistics. We can't help with diet choices, but call us on 1890 987 876 to hire fitness equipment in Ireland for 4 weeks or longer. #getactive

LIVEBLOG: St Patrick’s Day celebrations are kicking off around the country

HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY from us all at Hire Fitness! Have a great day everyone.

Women not exercising put heart at greater risk

Don't be inactive - reduce your risks of health problems by exercising regularly. Give us a call and we'll deliver a piece of fitness equipment to your home, so you've no excuse :-) Call: 086 3792226

Health - British Rowing

Read why rowing is so good for you - and indoor rowing will build your strength and endurance.

Best fitness trends to sweat to in 2016

Agreed - there's something for everyone out there if you just persevere and find what suits you. Have a read and get inspired.

Tasty Swaps for Calorie-Dense Faves

Struggling with your new years resolution to eat healthier food? Here's some excellent food swap ideas to help keep you on track.


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Youghal, Ireland
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