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85 North Main Street, Youghal, Ireland
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Embrace your creative side and come in and Paint Your Own Pottery (open 6 days a week)
A great idea for a Birthday Party, or group - for children & adults


💥EASTER CAMP AT CRAZY GLAZING💥💥 From 26 March - 30 March 10am -12.30pm daily. We will be doing a series of projects from ceramics (with different techniques), clay work, acrylics, clay foam & papercraft. Cost €85 per child & includes all materials & tuition. (Camps for children aged 7 & upwards) Deposit of €20 to secure your place. Some photos attached from previous camps. Call me on 086-8500578 or message me on FB

Just finished glazing all the pieces painted over the weekend and the kiln is loaded and ready to go. A busy busy kiln - I love filling it so full that not a piece more will fit!! Do any of you recognize your pottery?? You will when I take a photo of the finished pieces tomorrow night. Watch this space you guys. Nite

Opening hours for this week. I’m sfraid I’m closed Friday & Saturday as my brother is getting married - open Sunday but it’s fairly booked up - but will be open Monday also 12 - 5pm.

I had two very happy people pop in yesterday to collect their Masterpieces. Well done Lilly & Leigh who painted moneybanks - a unicorn head and a motorbike. And of course Pam who painted a hot air balloon egg cup.

Well done Elijah & Jonah. Your sharks are incredible

We had a celebrity in Crazy Glazing recently!!! Paul Flynn from The Tannery Dungarvan & of Lords & Ladles fame enjoyed a Sunday afternoon with his girls (we’ll get you painting next time Paul!!) Thank you for your time when you were bombarded with Crazy Glazing customers for your autograph - you were brill. Looking forward to visiting The Tannery soon for dinner - always amazing.

Finally the party pieces are ready!! Showing you what I see when I open my kiln - WOW What a burst of colour. And then I had them pose before packing them up. I’m Lovin your party plate - it’s FAB! Well done to you all.

A little bit of Science for you all. Did you know, that after I take your pottery pieces home to glaze & fire that the glaze is actually white with a green tint in it & covers up all the artwork you’ve done and then in the firing process (where the kiln goes up to 1020 degrees C over 8 hours!) the white glaze becomes transparent in that process producing beautifully glossy pottery pieces. So these are the pieces I posted - now glazed and in the kiln. Will photograph them again once they’re completed (tomorrow morning!) As you can see - once the pieces are glazed you can’t tell similar items apart from each other so it’s a bit boring loading the kiln but it’s like Christmas when I open it 18 hours later to be greeted by your gorgeous shiny colorful pottery pieces.

We had a lovely party group in this afternoon from Dungarvan. O it’s good to be back at work. Had to share their pieces with you. Will photograph them again once they’re glazed & fired. Into the kiln tomorrow.

Opening hours for the coming week. Great to be back after all the snow!! 😁

Still lots of snow out here in Inch so Crazy Glazing remains closed today. Will see what tomorrow morning holds for us. What’s things like in Youghal and the Tallow road ? Is there anyone out and about?? Any shops open or are you all staying in by the fire or out building snowmen or igloos?? My dog absolutely loving the snow.


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