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Kinetic Fitness - Strength & Conditioning

4-5 Court Place, Baltinglass, Wicklow, Ireland
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Offering various types of training and coaching to help others achieve their desired goals.  


Great meeting some of the biggest names in the fitness world on Friday at Raw Gyms 😁🙌💪 Christian Guzman Rob Lipsett Fitness Student Aesthetics Emily Hayden Fitness

Shout-out to Leydens Sports Nutrition for sending me out some free stuff. These protein donuts from Jim buddy's are amazing and are under 100 kcal's. Perfect treat that won't effect your diet in the slightest. ⭐⭐⭐REMINDER - Still a few places available ⭐⭐⭐ Body pumping Class is on tonight at First Team Fitness Baltinglass from 8-9p.m. 8€ pay as you go. Everyone is welcome even if your new to exercise or not a member of the gym. This class is a fun way to tone up and improve strength while burning calories. Contact me for any inquires and to book your place now 💪 PLEASE ⭐LIKE ⭐SHARE ⭐ TAG/COMMENT

⭐⭐⭐ MUST WATCH ⭐⭐⭐ Great motivation, give this a watch before you go exercise. On those days that your feeling down or just lazy and not in the mood to exercise give this video a watch. Although it's focused on American football everyone should try interpret it in their own way and base it on your sport or type of training. Pop your earphones in and give it a quick listen, if anyone wants to try out a new type of training or are new to exercise and want to achieve their personal goals(weight-loss etc.) get in contact with myself and you can also book your place for Thursday's body pumping Class at First Team Fitness 8-9 p.m. A exercise class based around resistance training that will improve body composition, strength, power and help tone up. Everyone is welcome, even if your not a member of the gym - €8 pay as you go. Thursday nights 8-9p.m. @ First Team Fitness Baltinglass. Please ⭐LIKE ⭐SHARE ⭐TAG/COMMENT

⭐⭐⭐ Body Pumping Class ⭐⭐⭐ Just to let everyone know there is no class tonight in First Team Fitness Baltinglass (apologies) 😖, however it appears Thursday is a more suitable day for people to attend the body pumping Class. As of next week body pump will run from 8-9 P.M. on a Thursday evening. The Class is only €8 pay as you go and everyone is welcome, even if your not a member of the gym🙌. Body pump is focused on resistance training, helping you tone up and improve strength all while burning calories. 💪🔥 I hope to see some of you next week and if you wish to book your place comment below ⬇ or contact reception at First Team Fitness. Please ⭐LIKE ⭐SHARE ⭐COMMENT

Sorry but the 7-8 body pumping Class will not go ahead tonight in First Team Fitness, however if demand is high the class could possibly run Thursday evening. Contact me if you want further inquires about a possible class this Thursday.

***SALE*** Toying with the idea of doing a flash sale starting next week as I have a few openings, I will be offering 1-1 and group foam rolling/mobility sessions (read previous posts for more information) for only €5 and other reductions on my one-one PT sessions, weightlifting/weightloss programmes etc. Don't hesitate to contact me for further inquires or bookings. Please LIKE, SHARE & TAG friends and family 🙌💪

Enjoy 🙌😂

Still a few spaces available for tonight's class at First Team Fitness in Baltinglass, €8 pay as you go and all levels of fitness are welcome even if your not a member. Contact me or reception to book a place. Have a good day everyone and I hope to see you later 💪

***Front Squat Variations*** (For poor shoulder/wrist mobility) Something I recommend incorporating into your programme 📝 is the front squat🙌, I find them to be more functional 🏋🎖than your conventional back squat and help with developing more upper back strength, core stability while also placing a greater emphasis on the quadriceps, a large muscle group that people may not fully utilize and activate properly due to poor technique in your back squat. In numerous studies that I've read it's clear to see that your back squat (high bar) had higher readings of hamstring and glute 🍑 activity compared to the front squat which has considerably higher quadriceps activity. (However I believe both front and back squats should be done regularly to target those major muscle groups from different angles ↕↔ and it also provides variation in your training😴 The pictures below are some of the front squat variations. By using straps or crossing your arms you can safely secure and balance the weight when lifting🙅,The zercher squat is also a good way to avoid directly loading the spine, while the "gold standard" 🎖is the conventional full grip, some people may have limited wrist & shoulder mobility which can impede them squatting with a full grip. Try these different types of front squats and don't allow a mobility issue hinder your front squat potential ❕❗💪 (If it is a mobility issue that hinders your full grip front squat I would recommend working on your mobility and implementing these different variations until your comfortable executing the conventional front squat) (Contact myself for 1-1, group sessions, foam rolling classes, nutrition coaching etc) Please ◽LIKE ◾SHARE ◽TAG The one movement everyone loves to hate 😂 Places still available for Tuesday's body pump class🏋 just only 8euro pay as you go ❕❗

*** NEXT CLASS❗❕❗❕ *** Body Pumping returns to First Team Fitness in Baltinglass Tuesday night from 8-9pm. We have adapted your standard Body Pump class 🔩and made it more functional and more enjoyable for our participants🎖. If you are tired and bored of hopping on cardio machines😴 then come along and try something new and demanding🏋💯. Class is only €8 pay as you go and all levels of fitness are welcome even if your not a member of the gym, just contact myself for inquires and bookings. Please spread the word and I hope to see you there 💪🏋 Please ◽LIKE ◽SHARE ◽TAG

*** YOU NEED TO TRY THIS❗❕❗❕*** Most people have seen some sort SMR equipment like your foam roller etc. however don't use them or truly understand their importance and use in posture🚹, mobility💃, recovery, injury prevention and overall health🚑. SMR is known as Self - Myofascial Release (the poor man's massage) it is simply a process of releasing trigger points (knots) in the muscle fascia which should be followed by some form of stretching returning the muscle back to its intended length. SMR has many benefits👌🎖, like increased blood flow (circulation) which speeds recovery (resulting in more training time per week) and insures the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles🍃, increases flexibility, improves mobility, prevents injury which in the long run can save money on medical bills💶 etc, it improves posture and helps us to move in a more functional way🏋🏌. Key with any form of SMR is to avoid areas where two bones meet creating a joint (joints like your knee and elbow) by implementing SMR into your training you will begin to see improvements almost instantly allowing you to achieve your personal fitness goals💪🎖. I offer one-one or small group SMR sessions at the very affordable prices of €10. Contact me for further inquires that you may have or bookings. Please ◽LIKE ◽SHARE ◽TAG


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