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Abigails Photography by Karen Houlihan

Robinscourt, Togher, Ireland



Babies grow so fast. I can capture those precious moments and years and do it all in the comfort of your own home. A newborn photo shoot is a totally different shoot from the regular family photo session. Whereas you can relax, play and have fun with your family in any setting, the newborn needs a lot more attention and care. Therefore I always plan more time when photographing newborns, so we can relax, feed when necessary and allow the baby to settle at his or her own pace.

For a newborn photo session I will come to your house, especially when the baby is only a few days old it is best for mom & baby to be in their own environment. I will bring some blankets and backdrops, and if you have anything that you’d like to be included in the session, please make sure you have it all ready.

We will use the room in your house that has the most natural light. This is most pleasing for photos, but also best for baby (imagine being not even 2 weeks old and having flash after flash in your eyes!) Make sure that there is some space near the window where we can set up a little area for baby to be comfortable.

Crank up the heat in your house, or use a little space heater (or even a hairdryer) to heat up the air. When adults are sweating, the baby is usually most comfortable! Something else that helps the baby to be relaxed is ‘white noise’. There are some good white noise internet websites or even iPhone apps! An added bonus of the hairdryer is that is already produces some form of white noise:-)

Try to feed the baby about 30 mins prior to my arrival. He/she will be sleepy by the time we are getting ready to shoot and this will make it easier for everybody. Don’t be worried when the baby is fussy though. We’ll take some time to relax and feed if needed so that she/he can settle.

Babies safety goes first, always! If you are not comfortable with a certain pose, let me know. You are always around to hold & support the baby and calm him or her when needed. If the baby gets fussy, we take a break, no problem. You can’t expect your 10 day old to be a natural model:-)

Let me know beforehand if you’d like certain specific photos, I can prepare those and make sure I have all the right equipment and possible backdrops


This little lady came to see me last wk... Meet Oliva.. I just love her hair. Parents feel free to Tag and share with friends and family.

Meet Little Clara.... She's as cute as a button xx. Loved getting cuddles. Cuteness overload

"Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away... Sinead O'Sullivan Eddy O'Neill.. Little baby Chulainn xx

Let's play a little game... Answer the questions about your FIRST born. The one who made you a mum! 1. Epidural? Yes 2. Father in the room? Yes 😷 3. Induced? Yes 4. Know the sex beforehand? No 5. Due date? 23/07/04 6. Birth date? 02/08/04 7. Morning sickness? Yes 8. Food Cravings? Cheese Doritos & Vinnella Coke by the gallon... 9. Pounds gained? Too much 😂😂 10. Sex of the baby? Male 11. Place you gave birth? St Finbarrs 12. Hours in labour? Don't ask. 4 days slow labour. Had a CSection in the end.😣😣 13. Baby's weight? 8pounds 0ounce 14. Baby's name? Joseph Bearnard Houlihan 15. How old is your baby today? 13... Come on Mamas! Let's hear your story and post a pic of ur baby recently just copy and past and put in your own answers...

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT OUR NEWBORN SESSIONS: Please remember that newborn sessions are best photographed as early as possible, ideally within first two weeks so pre-booking with your due date is highly recommended to secure your session. Enquires should be made to me here on messenger or my mobile 0877687510.

So after taking some time out from photography, Abigails Photography is back. Here is my 1st little man. Meet Chulainn, just 15 days new.. He made me work very hard to get his photo.. I think he liked getting lots cuddles and I was happy to give them.. Parents please feel free to like and share this post and for all the new visitors please take a moment to vist my page and give me a like..Thanks everyone.

New baby boy coming to see me in a min. Can't wait to meet him xx

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So this is little baby Shay just 7 days new. He came by to see me 2day with lots of sleepy smiles xxx

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I would like to wish all the beautiful babies and their families I got to meet this year a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2017. Will be looking forward to another year of meeting more beautiful babies xxooxx

I would like to wish all the beautiful babies and their families I got to meet this year a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2017.  Will be looking forward to another year of meeting more beautiful babies xxooxx

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Finally after taking photos of 7 beautiful boys, yesterday a little princess came to see me.. Cuteness overload I think. Meet Oliva just 8 days new...

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