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Pauldunne cabinet making

tallaght, Tallaght, Ireland
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Cabinet making


Some new understairs storage with new glass panels done last week.

Will this do you Liz Muldowney ? 😉.

Got to love upcycling. €0 material cost😊😊

Before and after photos of latest kitchen.

Before and after photos of the beer garden at buglers pub. Lattice timbers done by myself covering up the old windows. Great paint job done by Glendown Decor.

Anglers rest cheese boards all ready for delivery😊

Got a phone call from the Anglers Rest this week, placing an order for cheese boards.

This is the ring i use to ask my now wife to marry me with,something different.More a symbolic ring than a functional one.

New websiteis now up and running. Please have a look and maybe a share. Thanks

Finally got back to do a bit more on this piece of work, but still more to do, getting there. :-)

Sample cheese board , lets hope they like it and place a big order.

Another week, another gate. Before and after pics. Please share if you might know anyone interested. Gates fitted in a hour.


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