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Ratoath Cranio Sacral Therapy

20 The Lane, Foxlodge Woods, Ratoath, Ireland
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Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle form of bodywork which evaluates and improves the activity of the cranio sacral system.  Anatomically, this system includes the brain and spinal cord, surrounding fluids and their membranes, the bones of the cranium and spine,and the nerves emanating from them.  Physiologically the cranio sacral system is a whole body network of intricate pathways of nervous tissues and their hormones.

Last century it was discovered that, like the respiratory and cardiocascular systems, the cranio sacral system has its own rhythmic fluctuations the regular ebb and flow of cerebro-spinal fluid.  We call this the 'cranial rhythm' or simply 'the tide'.   The tide, distributes throughtout the network, influencing joints, sutures, organs, glands, blood circulation, respiration, and indeed every cell of the body.   Its our primal energy Chi in Oriental Philosophy, prana in the Ayurvedic tradition - the breath of life or spirit that animates all living things.

The cranio sacral system is the governing system of the body.   It is ultra  sensitive to mento-emotional, chemical and physical changes, as well as the ways these changes affect us at every level.  Understanding that we embody reactions to trauma holistically is central to successful cranial treatment.


Cranio Sacral Therapists are trained in the science and art of deep palpation a fine sense of touch that allows us to explore the qualities of the tide as it flows through tissues and organs.  The practitioner understands the ways in which traumatic experiences become embodied and hold the client in a way which reflects back into the body the dysfunctional patterns held within it.  in this way restrictions to healthy function and growth can be assessed and released - no matter whether the original trauma was physical, chemical or emotional.

Fundamental to cranial work, is acknowledging the body's innate intelligence and inclination to move towards balance and well being.  Cranial work is not a quick fix.   Manipulation or strong force is not used.   Its gentle way of holding creates a sense of freedom, safety and containment to encourage the client's healing priorities to emerge.  The aim is to leave behind the 'patient-expert' relationship where priorities are imposed, allowing practioner and client to become partners in a healing process.

Cranio Sacral therapy is client led.


Cranio Sacral Therapy works on multiple levels, influencing virtually any of the body/mind's structures and functions.   Treatment is suitable for all ages, but especially beneficial for babies and children who are just beginning to establish patterns which will set the stage for their future health and sense of self.  Cranio work is well known in the treatment of birth trauma - the effects of which may range from Colic, poor growth & cranio -facial bone abnormalities to learning difficulties, hypo or hyperactivity, ear-nose- throat infections, and sometimes even epilepsy and cerebral palsy.   Cranio Sacral Therapy is also recognised as effective in aiding the restoration of health after surgery, accidents and immune system suppression.

Cranio Sacral Therapists do not diagnose or cure but rather take a process or dynamical view of illness and healthy balanced living.  Nonetheless, people approach us for assistance in resolving a wide variety of syndromes, disorders and diseases.



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