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Squatting to evacuate the bowel Constipation, Haemorrhoids, Anal Fissures and conditions associated with Straining
About the Squatting posture
The Ideal Posture for Defecation
Toilet posture
Toileting posture
Emptying the bowel
Squatting-the ideal posture for moving the bowel

Quote from Dr Bernard Jensen:
"It is my sincere belief that one of the bowel's greatest enemies in civilized society is the ergonomic nightmare known as the toilet or john."
“I believe that it is very important to educate our children and future generations about the health hazards of the toilet. It’s time to break the short-lived and ignorant tradition of using the toilet by returning to the squatting posture. By adopting the squatting posture instead of sitting, we allow the bowel to resume its function as nature intended”

Most people in the west today tend to use the raised sitting toilet seat and are totally unaware that there is an alternative and natural posture for defecation or going to the loo.
These populations remain ignorant of the fact that the sitting toilet may be contributing to ill health.

The Squatting posture has been and still is to a large extent a natural posture for resting on the ground, washing ones clothes as well as body, preparing meals, sweeping and mopping the floor and most importantly, for the evacuation of the Bowel for the populations residing in Asia (India, China, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia) and Africa.

Certain European countries still use the squat toilet, including parts of France, Greece and Eastern European countries.

It is a fact of life that these populations do not generally suffer from medical conditions relating to the Gastro intestinal tract (Constipation, Haemorrhoids, Anal Fissures, etc).

It is interesting to note that people who have emigrated from these parts of the world to the west and have been forced to adopt the sitting posture for evacuation tend to suffer from these ailments that are so common in western countries in Europe, USA and ,Australia .
This includes  those people who have been vegetarians all their lives proving that plant fiber is not the only factor that determines whether one will suffer from Gastro Intestinal problems.

Sadly, some affluent people in parts of India, Africa, and Japan have begun to adopt the sitting posture by installing the western raised toilet in their homes in the false belief that it is either more civilised or a superior posture to assume.
The human race has historically had to deal with the problem of human waste and different cultures and religions have adopted various methods of handling the issue of elimination and waste disposal
Factors necessary for easy elimination of faecal waste or stool from the body:
1.   A perfectly formed stool (Solid, Firm, Soft, Bulky and Slippery) which will slide out of the rectum and anal canal without flaking or breaking, with the aid of gravity and very little or no straining or pushing effort required.