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Full Moon Discounts

University Limerick, Limerick, Ireland



Full Moon Discounts provide Limerick students with a must need survival card to get the best discounts in the city.  Full Moon Discounts has made every effort to ensure that all information included on any of our print media is accurate at the time of going to print and shall not be held liable for any damage, expense, inconvenience, or loss incurred by dependence upon this information. With this, Full Moon Discounts does not accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or misfortunes regarding facilities, prices, services, classifications or any other information whatsoever.
All users are encouraged to speak to each facility prior to traveling or redeeming a discount in order to ensure that no inconvenience is caused. Full Moon Discounts takes no responsibility for any shortcomings in service, quality of merchandise or health and safety experienced with a business. Thus, all users enter into a premises entirely at their own risk. The discount card is subject to terms and conditions set out by each business and are valid for 1 academic year only 2015-2016.