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Sense of Yoga Ireland

95 Countess Grove, Killarney, Ireland
Yoga Studio



Our yoga classes will take you on a physical, emotional and spiritual journey that will energise you and enhance your wellbeing.          Come and enjoy!  


Step up in everyday practice 🕉

Celebrate Life Rise wiht a smile, rejoicein the day, dance in the moonlight!! Namaste 🕉

Dearest mother Earth , I can only Express gratitude for this beautiful magnificent day!! Next week we start the 8 weeks course. Namaste ☃️

Namaste . Welcome to Pranic Healing institute Ireland &Uk at Sense of yoga Ireland! Thanks to everyone who attend. And thanks to Colm Scalane.

Namaste . Self development workshop next friday at Sense of Yoga Ireland . By Colm Scanlon of Pranic Healing Uk&Ireland. Have a nice weekend!

OM. The power of the thoughts!!

Namaste !! When you find a dream inside your heart don’t ever let it go.... because, Dreams are the seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow..! Thank you God for everything. Looking forward to seeing everyone of you at the class this week Good morning!!!

Namaste Happy Souls . Looking for healthy delicious drink, homemade. For more information below or contact Noretta at 0871405550.

YOGUIS YOGUINIS . DROP THE EXPECTATIONS, BRING MORE ACCEPTING! We can not expect everyone to have the same level of conscious. But we can always evolve ours.!! See you at the classes for to continue evolving!! OM

Namaste! We can all Be a masters if we put a little bit of dedication & discipline. Enjoy the power of Mother Earth😉

Om om om. "WHENEVER We do something Good in life...😌 Even if no one is watching us.. 🙂 We rise a little IN OUR OWN EYES."... Thanks for your fantastic support to rebuild the SEWA SADAN SCHOOL BATTISPULALI KATHMANDU NEPAL . After 3 years the school is now ready to full funcione and services to the Battispulali comunity. Namaste !

Namaste beautiful people! Time to coming back to YOGA practice . Schedule for 2018 Classes coming back this Tuesday 10th of January . 8 weeks for €100. Tuesdays 9am deep practice. Wednesdays 11am gentle Yoga. Wednesday 7pm deep & flow. Thursday 11am gentle Yoga. Thursday 7pm begginers. Saturday 10am everyone welcome . Joy and light to you all 🕉


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