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146 Charlesland Court, Greystones, Ireland
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Discover your true potential. Personal Coaching can help you overcome your fears and become the "you" you want to be. I have always had the belief that everyone can be great, hence the Name "BGreat".
In 2013 I began training as a personal/business coach with the Irish Lifecoach Institute and this course changed my life.
I like to work with people in all walks of life and on all sorts of goals.
The key to it all is that people have greatness within, the role of the coach is to help them uncover what is already there.


And finally for today, Sheena (who knows about these things) tells me I should be sharing my coaching stuff on this page, not on my personal much to here's my little album sitting proudly in Veritas in Abbey Street and amazingly...they are selling quite well! A nice alternative to a self help book and easier to use when driving!! Available on iTunes also, see for the link.

Holy Moly....I meant to post "maybe you DON'T really want to run the marathon...." Now I even more confused than ever.

Coaching Thought of The Day: If you want something but keep failing to do what is necessary to get it...maybe you don't want it as much as you think! Maybe your innner self is telling you something, and "he/she" knows you better than anyone. Maybe you really (really, really) want to run the marathon at all.


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