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Blackrock Diving Tower

The Prom, Galway, Ireland
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Galway's iconic swimming location.  The premiere outdoor ocean swimming spot in Ireland Experience wild swimming the right way.


So this morning I was tasked with taking a photo of the Mayo supporters club (Blackrock detachment) for half time on the big screens at Croker. I particularly like Martin the Dub out frount giving it socks with a rendition "Cockles and Mussels" while surrounded by the enemy.

Thanks to Ruth Molloy for sending this in. Follow this link for an interesting article may relate to the Algae that was spotted in Galway bay too. Also saw an article on a new Salmon fish cage being placed in the Bay. Put these with plans for the future Port and increased liner traffic. Our issues with the asthetics of the tower may seem insignificant if we don't protect the ecosystem of our costal waters. Just food for thought for all of us who are blessed to have the sea so close by.

No official "All Clear" from the powers at be, however, water look clean and clear and the hardcore swimmers are back at it.

Latest on water situation on Salthill beaches right now. Looks like staying away for a few days is the only solution. A few Balckrock refugees were spotted taking their daily dip at Silverstrand. "Not the same" .. seemed to be the majority opinion on that one!

Err .. update date of sorts ...

No swimming at Blackrock due unidentified material in water.

Great day for it ..

Galway bay swim

Guillamene Swimming Cove just outside Tramore is a great spot for open water swimming. Always a tide, and the water is beautifully clear turquoise colour. My new 2nd favourite swimming spot on the island. Do check it out if you are over that side. There is another swimming spot just beside it for kids and whatnot.

So I got in the water off Tramore at 1.30pm and got out at Blackrock at 6.30pm. That's some swim! Bicoastal now. 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️👍

If you do mange to tear yourself away from Galway, there are lesser swimming holes around the country ..🤣 Do check 'em out 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️


NEAR Blackrock Diving Tower