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Fab Lash by Angie Galway

Urban Wellbeing retail centre park tuam road, Galway, Ireland
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Eyelash extension is sticking single,hypoallergenic eyelashes with permanent adhesive. They add volume and length to customer is lashes.
Lashes are applied one by one. One individual lash is picked up with a special tweezers, run through special grade glue which is permanent and applied to one individual eyelash at a time. The procedure takes about  2 hours. Eyelashes are available in various lengths from 8 to 14 mm, in three forms: tightly curled slightly curled and natural twist. There is also different thickness of eyelashes. That all this would most fit the costumer’s natural lashes for weight, length and twist, and her liking makeup.Lashes can be removed at any time. Beautician then dissolves them with a special preparation. To maintain the effect of long and thick eyelashes should be strictly adhered to the principles of their care. Re-fill session has to be planned every 3-4 weeks to make lashes look natural and beautiful.

Re-fill eyelashes

Natural eyelashes have their life cycle, an average of about 60-90 days. Natural eyelashes, like hair, naturally shed and fall out. Lashes will fall out naturally with your own eyelashes so the longest they’ll last is between 2 and 3 months.
To maintain a constant effect of long and thick eyelashes, I recommend re-fill session, which allows supplementing losses in areas where the eyelashes fell out. Filling procedure should be performed approximately every 3-4 weeks.

after eyelash extension avoid contact with water

for the first two days you should avoid hot, steam bath and swimming in the pool, it should not be excessively wet lashes in order to better curing of the glue

avoid make-up remover based on glycols, urea, carbonate, proteins and acids, do not use makeup removers like or two-phase fluids, because they reduce the glue effect

if  necessary, use only special water-based mascara

be careful if you apply creams and eye-masks, fluids this also applies to fluids and sleepers-they contain a certain amount of fatty compounds that weaken the durability of adhesive

you should not use the eyelash curler, as it can break artificial (along with the natural) eyelash

you can not do eyelashes perms

avoid eye friction

you should not remove the extended eyelashes because it can damage the natural lashes and hinder their recovery

Please note:Lashes should not be tinted 24h before appointment
                    No mascara is to be worn on the day of your            
                    appointment please!

Wake up every day with gorgeous lashes,no mascara needed :)!

1:1 full set                                                                60e


Dear ladies we got cancellation tomorrow at 12.30pm for any treatment . If you would like to make an app please contact me on 0871914613 or pm here Thank you Angie x

Summer is around the corner so here you have little diet tip from the lovely Lady ;D #lashesarelife

Lash lift v Volume lashes Which one do you prefer ;)? Please comment below I'm very courius about your opinion 💖

Today Marta Mrozek attended my training for the 2nd time but this time it was LIGHT VOLUME TRAINING :) On the training I was talking about : 📌differences between mink and silk lashes 📌different curls and thicknesses used in volume method 📌how to make "perfect fan" 📌different tweezers for volume method 📌eye styling -which eye styling is suitable for each client 📌how to work with glue 📌main ingredients of the eyelash extensions glue 📌preparation ...And much much more On the picture you can see Her first ever volume application 😍 Huge congratulations to you Marta :) Your work is beautiful ! Thank you for trusting me next time . I can't wait to see your fluffy lashes 😍 Angie x

Little sneak peak from today's light volume training :) 😍😍😍😍 Stay tuned lovely people !

Avaliable appointment tomorrow at 2pm Contact Angie on 0871914613 Thank you x

Happy Sunday to everyone 💖

Ladies I need a model on Monday the 19th for free set of volume lashes Lashes will be applied by my student but supervised by me . If you are interested please send me clear picture with your eyes (close and open ) Thank you Angie 💚HAPPY PADDYS DAY FOLKS 💚

How is your day gorgeous :)? Last day at work and finally lm off from lashes for all 2 days I'm sooo happy :D Even I looove so much my job we all need a break ;D Happy Friday lash freaks 💖 Below : 2-4D volume method 😍

My lovely people :) I would like to invite you on my LASH LIFT training courses . 25th march 2 spaces available 26th march 1 space available Place : Galway Time : 10am -6/7pm Price incl: 👌diploma 👌accredited certificate 👌lash lamination training kit 👌15% for your first order at velvet lashes 👌10% unlimited student's discount for products 👌online mentoring session 👌access to velvet lashes 's student's group Content of the course : Client consultation Contraindications Allergies and patch test Health and safety Choosing the suitable sicilon form for the client Lash lifting/lamination+Botox procedure (step by step) Difficult questions &answers Aftercare advices If you would like to get more informations please contact me on 0871914613 or DM here Thank you Angie

Big thank you to these two lovely girls who travelled to me from co.mayo for my basic eyelash extensions training:) Eimear and Tara ...i hope you enjoyed every minute of it ! I can't wait for your study cases :) Wish you only happy and satisfied Clients. Welcome in my world Ladies Angie 💖 FOR TRAINING INQUERIES PLEASE CONTACT ME ON 0871914613 Dm me here Mail I'm more than happy to share my knowledge and experience with you :)

Good morning my lovely Ladies :) Look at this gorgeous girl 😍 Sophie got lash lamination /tint and botox done :) The effect will last up to 8 weeks 👌 No maintenance needed 👌 I would recommend this treatment to everyone who loves natural effect ;) Please note : Angie is booked all march . Appointments are taking from April From 11th till 15th April Angie is off :) Please make sure you book your refill in advance to avoid disappointment Thank you 💖


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