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11 GORT GREINE, RAHOON, Galway, Ireland
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ceramics Pottery is about touch in many ways. The clay's flexibility and organic nature leads me into a state of mind close to meditation while it quietly guides the materialization of my ideas. Drawing inspiration from natural forms and ancient sculptures and at the same time responding to the challenges of the contemporary directions in ceramics, I create suggestively organic works where circular and spherical shapes predominate and modern meets traditional.
  I studied ceramics with specialists in ancient pottery that taught me the traditional methods of modelling, hand building and decoration. The whole experience of that time opened my sensibility to simplicity, permanence and essentialism.  My works are all hand shaped, hand decorated and high fired, giving them strength and durability.
  Using stoneware, earthenware and terracotta clays I make two types of objects: decorative and ceramic for every day use. The decorative range includes 3D pictures and tiles designed in modern style, in vibrant colors and organic shapes. The utilitarian range consist of cups and mugs, bowls and plates, vases and plant pots, all in vivid colors over the white glaze and with a genuine handmade feeling.
  In 2010 I was adopted by the beautiful Galway, the town that became my home and inspiration. Ireland is the country that taught me to love the sun, which has a particular brilliance here, evoked by the yellow in my works. The colourful nature even in wintertime encouraged me to further expand my chromatic area to create joyous pieces that speak about love, peacefulness and sense.


Ready to fly to its new nest. It's an absolute joy to work with such colours, especially when storms keep battering Galway.

Serene (detail)

Clay and wood, pure romance.

Working on commissions is always so motivating, because there is not only an order, but trust as well.

Getting ready for the most exciting event of the week, clay modelling workshop with 120 kids in 4 hours, all the butterflies in my stomach. We'll gonna make plant pots using the coil method.

Sligo at dusk.

Detail It's all about soul serene New work is about to be born

We're surrounded by so much beauty.

Glorious sky over Galway today.

Exploring textures thinking of Moon.

Fresh as winter irish waters.


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