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Dingle Druid/ Juli Ni Mhaoileoin / Juli Malone

Juli ni mhaoileoin/ juli malone , Burnham, Dingle, Ireland



Dingle  Druid combiines the ancient lore of plants with healing & the power &wisdom of the druids. Natural organic skincare products & working with nature.


New moon is always new beginnings but tonight is a new moon in Aries the beginning of the astrological year. The Earth is waking and Potent Spring energy is building even more, a wonderful time to make great changes in your life as the fire energy builds , new beginnings, off yee go folks. Mercury direct from tonight, Tomorrow is Monday with a new moon in Aries 😊 go for it . .... let go and take a leap of faith.

And so a year has passed today since my mothers death. Years ago people wore a black shawl and for a year and a day entered a period of mourning and people knew this and just left them alone unless the mourner approached them. Life moves very quickly now and the grieving process can be very complex for some and expectations to return to normal life can be a strain. My mothers funeral flowers were lilies, white lilies which signifies the return of innocence to the soul. I love lilies especially stargazer ones and have always felt they are a wonderful choice for all occasions. They are a gentle nudge to realign with ones souls dream which quite often may differ from our dreams 😊 We are waiting for the swallows , they are due next week and it's always so exciting to be greeted by them, enough to make my heart skip a beat with joy. The wheel of life continues 🙏

This folks is the podcast from the Radio Kerry interview I did with the lovely Joe McGill from his In Conversation with series , have a listen 👂

Talking to the lovely Joe McGill later on Kerry radio at 6 o clock for an hour, tune in folks 😊 I shall post podcast afterwards

So every day is a different day. Today my mini clown helper Roisinmya and I as Bubbles the clown were face painting for a kids birthday party 🎉 I have been clowning for parties and occasions for about 17 years now , great fun was had by all and some very excited happy children. God bless them they are just full of energy 😊#bubblestheclown #birthdayclown #dingleclown

It's all about love and wedding flowers today, just put finishing touches on the flowers for Eimear and Wez who marry in St Joesph's church in inch,28 years a wedding florist and each time I do it I remember what a really special day it is in ones life. Magnificent sunny day today , may their love stay true and they enjoy decades of health and happiness together. ❤️❤️❤️✨ nothing quite like the gra folks .

Beautiful morning April sunrise over Dingle harbour after morning meditation. Oh it's that glorious time of year again where like old friends they return in the woods. Why it's Ramson time of course made some delicious wild garlic pesto filled with wild greens to replenish us after a long Winter. Nettle my favourite spiritual warrior plant is back, it's a great tonic , Nettle tea for the whole of April, great fro detox & clear the kidneys, again filled with nourishment. Dandelion is back. Pretty primroses are back, primrose wine is delicious or even 4-5 flowers before bedtime as a mild sedative or perhaps some in a salad ( keep things sweet around the family dinner table 😊) oh yes my dear friends and plant allies are everywhere. Get outside and go visit them, they just love to share their gifts when we come to visit them 💕 #forager #wildcrafting #garlicpesto #ramson #dandelion #primrose #plantmagic #dinglesunrise #lovenature #getoutside

So happy Easter to each and everyone of you. This is a photo of my late mother 3 years ago joyfully delivering Easter eggs to our house. She had a rebirth last year on good Friday to wherever beautiful souls go when their work is done on 🌏 earth . So Easter Sunday last year she was buried with her true love Anton my father. Even though the dates change Easter will forever hold the energy now of her passing to a glorious place. It's a full blue moon in libra tonight with a Aries Sun, that's a second full moon in one month. The next blue moon is Samhain 2020. This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between meeting our personal needs and tending to the needs of others, a magical moon which will be fun to explore, it's all about rebirth folks 🌟the egg holds all the potential of life .

Well now sometimes post arrives that makes you smile a big inner smile that just keeps on going 😊😊😊 it's a beautiful day in Dingle, cold with showers but in between beautiful light and lots of gardening today, more Hawthorn and Elder to be planted and some hazel and Mountain ash 🌿🌿🌿🍃🍃🍃 last of the bare root season folks, get out there and get more trees in the ground. ❤️

The yurt is back up after winter break . Mick and Maire and two adorable boys came over and we almost calmly assembled it ( it's really a team breaking building event) but the ever cool Mick ran a tight ship and it all ran smoothly 🌟( he has the patience of a Saint ) A glorious day in Dingle and we went to the sweetest puppet show by our friend Tonnie who handcrafted all the puppets , loved the most adorable little boat made by Darach of fish skin. It was a tale of Spring and all the children received a flower pot of earth and sowed some seeds at the end. Oh yes 😊Spring is abundant now, the nettles and wild garlic are back, the hedgerows are filled with primroses, the lawn is a bed of daisies which i use as a infused oil in my Dingle Druid skin balm range. Daisy is our native version of arnica. The dandelions yes my beloved dandelions are increasing every day providing wonderful early foraging for our sacred 🐝 bees. Spring buzz is in the air folks, get out on the Earth and look up at the stars, it's a magnificent time of year filled with potential ❤️

Such a glorious day in Dingle means we have clear skies hopefully tonight and a great chance of catching the Winter triangle 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Moon and Winter Triangle As darkness falls on the night of March 24, 2018, look for the three bright stars that form the Winter Triangle to the south of the moon. In their order of brilliance, these stars are Sirius, Procyon and Betelgeuse. If you live at northerly latitudes, the Winter Triangle appears below the moon in the southern sky; from temperate latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere, the Winter Triangle appears above the moon in the northern sky. These three bright stars of the Winter Triangle make up the southeast portion of the humongous Winter Circle. The Winter Circle is a large asterism – noticeable pattern of stars – consisting of bright stars from six different constellations. The Winter Circle is so big that it even dwarfs the mighty constellation Orion the Hunter, which makes up the southwest portion of the Winter Circle. But many notice the brilliant triangle of brilliant stars to the east of Orion, and it’s called the Winter Triangle. Both of these patterns are asterisms – not official constellations. They’re just noticeable patterns on the sky’s dome. Image credit: Vito Technology, Inc. Text credit:

Nature meditation, reflection and Nature walk with the Dingle Druid, Monday 7 Bealtaine at the Diseart upper gardens @ 10.30 Join the Dingle Druid on a guided visualisation to enhance consciousness to connect, remember, refresh, replenish and deepen that connection within you and the plant spirit medicine of the wonderful trees and surroundings of An Díseart Gardens to celebrate the turning of the year with an outdoor nature ceremony at Bealtaine. Bí le Draoi an Daingin i ngáirdín aoibhne an Díseart le casadh na bliana a cheilliúradh, Dé Luain 7 Bealtaine @ 10.30 Neartaigh do cheangal leis an nádúr i searmanais treoirithe, áit a ndéanfar athbheochan agus athmhúscailt ort féin agus ar do nasc leis an nádúr laistigh & mórthimpeall ort. Juli xx


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