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Cupcake Cottage Cork

Rocksavage, Anglesea Street, Cork, Ireland
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Pure Cork Cupcakes!  For cupcakes lovers - we operate a call and reserve service, so give us a call any morning 021 4323010 to hold cupcakes up until 4pm that day!


And the winner of The secondary schools competition is Lara Ward Class 3c St Mary’s Highschool. Whoop whoop. Congrats Lara :) It could be Zara sorry I’ll ring anyway:)

Hey everybody :) The winners of our primary school Halloween competition are 6th Class, Belgooly National School:) Whoop Whoop. What a great job 👍 Seconday School draw now taking place...

Happy Friday everyone :) Today’s flavours are... Mocha Oreo/99’ mixups Raspberry & White Choc Lemon Meringue Chocolate Strawberry Kickers Oreo Red Velvet Have a good weekend all :)

Morning everyone :) Halloween printed cupcakes only €2.50 (various designs)from today up until Halloween. First person in the door to shout Happy Halloween gets this box :) Today’s flavours are... Baileys Chocolate Tiramisu Chocolate Reds Strawberry Kickers Oreo Chocolate Lemon Cheesecake Red Velvet

Morning everyone :) Sorry for the late post. Up the walls here this morning ...Today’s flavours are... Tiramisu Vanilla 99’s Lemon Cheesecake Chocolate Raspberry Kickers Oreo Red Velvet

Morning everyone :) Today's flavours are... Double Choc Oreo Tiramisu Lemon & White Choc Raspberry Kickers Oreo Chocolate Red Velvet Chocolate Reds

Morning all :) Hope you had a great weekend :) Todays flavours are... Raspberry & White Choc Chocolate 99's Chocolate Reds Oreo Lemon Cheesecake Strawberry Kickers Chocolate Red Velvet

Morning everyone! Today's flavours are Chocolate Oreo Chocolate Caramel Oreo Raspberry Kickers Lemon and White Chocolate Red Velvet Tiramisu Chocolate Reds Have a good one lads!

Morning everyone :) 9 delicious flavours this morning and they are... Salted Caramel Bananaberries Vanilla 99's Chocolate Reds Lemon Cheesecake Oreo Raspberry Kickers Chocolate Red Velvet Happy Friday :)

Morning everyone :) Tis a damp one ! Today's flavours are... Chocolate Reds Caramel Cornettos Tiramisu Strawberry Kickers Oreo Lemon Cheesecake Chocolate Red Velvet Don't forget your brollie :)

Morning everyone :) Today's flavours are... Mocha Strawberry Oreo Lemon & White Choc Raspberry Kickers Chocolate Reds Oreo Chocolate Red Velvet Have a good one :)

Morning everyone :) We're back :) Today's flavours are ... White Choc Coffee Creams Vanilla 99's Chocolate Reds Oreo Lemon Cheesecake Strawberry Kickers Chocolate Red Velvet Have a great day !


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Cork, Ireland
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