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Cork Acupuncture & Physical Therapy Clinic

28 The Maples, Frankfield, Cork, Ireland



Acupuncture, Physical Therapy,
Fertility, Pain Relief, Stress, Insomnia etc.
086-3316315 Medical Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist


Here you go ! For those of you who sit at a desk all day....

Clients are often surprised by what acupuncture can treat and at how fast it can work. A client recently came with a painful shoulder. During the treatment he mentioned that he had a very painful wisdom tooth, so bad he couldn't eat. I inserted 2 needles in his tummy and his pain was gone within seconds! Another client had strep throat and again a few needles in her abdomen and the pain immediately went and didn't come back. In short, acupuncture can treat almost anything as it treats your symptoms. More info at

Holiday hours..... closing Sat 23rd at 12pm. Open Friday 29th 10am to 5pm Closed Sat 30th to 1st Jan inclusive. Back to normal hours Tuesday 2nd Jan. Merry Christmas and happy New year to you and yours...

Breech baby.....It's great to get texts like this from mums to be..... .....Baby was head down this morning 😊 thanks, More info at

At long last the course is finished, results are in and I can now offer Physical Therapy to my clients! More info at

Tis the start of the silly season....Ho, ho, ho everyone.....

3 more positive tests today! More info on how acupuncture can help you....

Good news today. 3 happy clients. 2 with positive tests and one had a baby boy. Congratulations to all.

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Have you ever considered getting Cosmetic Acupuncture? more info at

It's great to receive this type of text message......good news this morning - a positive test. Delighted!!