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Integrated Energy Therapy With Amanda

Glenconnor, Clonmel, Ireland



Holistic therapy to enable the client to heal the body mind and spirit. Healing with the angels helps us release negative emotions stored in the body


I found this book back in 2011 when it was recommended to me by numerous people ...i didn't read much back then but none the less I bought it and it changed my life forever and started me on my whole healing journey with myself and others. This book will change the way you think about yourself and others and ultimiatley heal your life in all aspects. I haven't met one person who has read this book say it didn't change their lives for the better. Give it a go it won't disappoint!

Walk in ! Float out ♡♡

When you find it is time to let go and you want to move forward in life but something keeps holding you back, step into your healing one foot in front of the other day by day you will transform and grow and leave behind the unwanted negativity or blockages in the body ...sometimes we just need to acknowledge that we do have blockages and IET can aid the healing process and bring more alimment happiness forgiveness and wellbeing to the mind body and soul♡♡♡♡



NEAR Integrated Energy Therapy With Amanda