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Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society

P.O. Box 62347, Kwun Tong Post Office, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Non-governmental organization (ngo)



香港海豚保育學會是香港唯一一個專為香港鯨豚動物而設的學會。HKDCS is the only society dedicated to the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises of Hong Kong. 中華白海豚是最受香港市民喜愛的動物之一,但大眾對這種神秘的動物仍不太了解。我們致力於研究、推廣及教育工作,以加深市民對本地及世界各地海豚的認識,從而更有效地保護這奇妙的動物。

Chinese white dolphin is one of the most celebrated wildlife adored by the Hong Kong public. By education and research work, we aim to enhance the knowledge of general public on cetaceans in Hong Kong and around the world, and to effectively protect them in a long run. Visit



NEAR Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society