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901A, 9/F, Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Hamilton Advisors provides premium strategic communications services to middle size, large, & multinational corporations & financial institutions with offices in Hong Kong and Greater China, through a network of seasoned communications professions. Corporate Reputation and Brand Building

Hamilton Advisors works with clients to build their brands, from developing messaging around attributes and values to creating strategic ways in which to communicate the brand to customers, investors and other stakeholders; defending the reputation of the brand in times of crisis; extending the brand as the company’s business expands or diversifies; and enhancing the value of the brand through CSR (sustainability) communications.

Public Affairs

Hamilton Advisors strategizes, structures and implements lobbying and public affairs campaigns on behalf of clients who are challenged by social, community or political issues that directly affect their business models or ability to operate in a given jurisdiction. Our services include traditional and social media relations and issue advertising.

Investor Relations

Hamilton Advisors manages a client’s communications with shareholders and the market to ensure that all public statements are impactful and accurate. Our services include developing annual reports; writing quarterly earnings reports; arranging analyst conference calls; organizing interviews with the financial media; creating financial presentations and online, non-deal road shows; and running the proxy process.

M&A Communications

Hamilton Advisors assists clients with the communications surrounding the acquisition or sale of assets, including the creation of transaction presentation materials, writing of speeches/remarks for officers in the C-Suite and preparation/dissemination of all news releases. Hamilton Advisors also provides change management strategies for companies acquiring new employees that need to be socialized in the culture of the acquiring company.

Crisis Communications

Hamilton Advisors provides counsel, strategy and executional support to clients who find themselves facing a crisis and need a credible communications strategy immediately. We have twenty years of experience in dealing with crises, from the Perrier product recall and bond trading scandal at Salomon Brothers to the 2008 tainted milk scandal in China.

Employee Engagement

Hamilton Advisors creates strategies, programs and web sites that involve employees in the values and mission of a company; its core strengths and capabilities; its sustainability programs and community involvement. Employee engagement is the first marketing step for any company that seeks to raise its profile.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program Development

One of the most powerful trends in global business today is the rise of corporate social responsibility. Every company is for it, but paying lip service to it only invites charges of “greenwashing.” Hamilton Advisors strategizes, structures and helps implement viable – and credible - CSR programs for our clients.



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