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新界葵涌華星街8至10號華達工業大廈A座10樓1001室, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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魔法主義魔術店是魔法主義有限公司旗下的魔術道具開發及零售機構,成立於2012年。 魔法主義魔術店是魔法主義有限公司旗下的魔術道具開發及零售機構,成立於2012年。



Magic Spinner 2.0 Is now online! by Happy, Bond Lee & Magic 8 Product Page: The great Magic Spinner got even better! Now this upgraded version allows magicians to reveal any message desired! Created by Happy, an underground artist from China. Imagine the following: - Perform incredible mental routines - Reveal predictions in an impossible manner - The message can be changed in real time - Easy to perform - Extremely visual - Endless possibilities The best part is that the Fidget Spinner can start clean and end clean! Dazzle your audience with Magic Spinner 2.0! Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry. |

We have received lots of questions about Smoke Cloud. Therefore we have made this Q&A for you guys! Smoke Cloud Q&A 1. How does the smoke of smoke cloud generate? Unlike traditional smoke devices, smoke cloud uses no smoke oil. The smoke is generated by the smoke bullet while the coil is activated. 2. What refill does smoke cloud need? Smoke bullet and coil. Each smoke bullet lasts for one performance and you can use the coil up to 50 – 100 times. 3. How many refills do I receive while purchasing smoke cloud? You will get 50 smoke bullets and 10 coils in the standard package. You can also purchase extra refills (50 smoke bullets and 10 coils) initially at a discounted price. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry. |

Ultra Torch to Cane is now available on Murphy's Magic Worldwide dealer is able to import this awesome magic! Ultra Torch to Cane於Murphy's Magic正式開賣! 將會於全球魔術商有售。 Link:

Smoke Cloud by ZF Magic & Bond Lee Product Page: Pre-order start today! International free shipping for all pre-order! 預售正式開始,現在預購全球免運費! Proudly presented by Bond Lee, we have the best “smoke in glass” effect available for you! 最新「空杯出煙」,突破傳統!不用額外裝置,杯子已經是你所需的一切! - Extremely dense smoke - Practical - Self-contained - Production of smoke completes in seconds - Easy setup - Use any object or material for covering - 濃厚的煙霧 - 實戰型道具 - 無需外置裝置 - 秒速出煙 - 準備容易快速 - 可以用任何物件蓋杯子 Mystify your routine by loading small objects into the glass as your finale! Once you placed your order, product will be shipped mid October. 現在下單,產品將於約十月中寄出! MAGICLISM STORE HONG KONG |

Dancing Ring is now back in stock! 跳舞環再入荷! Product Page: Learn the classic today! Dancing Gimmick + Tutorial DVD MAGICLISM STORE HONG KONG |

Ultra Torch to Cane by Bond Lee & ZF Magic Now available 現已上架! Product page 產品頁: Grab immediate attention when you enter the stage! 上台瞬間變成舞台王者! Ultra Cane has been one of our best-selling items for years, now it is even better with this twist. It is an innovation of the classic effect, torch to cane: - Auto Ignition System (A.I.S.), entirely mechanical and highly reliable - No flash cotton/ string needed - Quick step and self-contained - Extra accessories are available - Various colours are available - 新研發自動打火系統 - 無需火綿/火繩 - 運用簡單 - 提供不同配件讓你組合 - 多種顏色供你選擇 Best used as an opening for your stage act, we have made this effect more affordable to professional performers and magic enthusiasts. Customise your set from Magiclism Store now! |

Coming soon😉 More possibilities, more ideas 💡 Stay tune👍🏻 MAGICLISM STORE |

ROSY by Magiclism & Magic Eye is now available on Murphy's Magic! 正式在美國Murphy's Magic平台上上架 Check it out here: MAGICLISM STORE HONG KONG |

ROSY by Magiclism & Magic Eye Now available! Product Page: Want to impress the ladies in your audience? Women adore magic dealing with roses, and especially the topic of love. 想取悅你心愛的?這魔術讓你表達你的愛意 ;) The magician displays four cards face up with roses printed on them. One by one, he is able to have them turn face down in a very magical way. The magician then waves his hand over them, and the roses transform into four letters, forming the word "LOVE"!! Alternative handling provided 教學中會有不同手法版本供你選擇。 Content: 1 x DVD, 1 x Rosy Card Set P.S. Only red backed bicycle is available now.

Quiver (VDR) is now Back in Stock! Shipping worldwide for just USD$10 (Standard air mail) Product Page: Trailer: Get your's today! Quiver (VDR) 載譽歸來 全球郵費美金$10起 (標準空郵) 馬上下單吧 😉 MAGICLISM STORE HONG KONG |

We got so many new product coming! Stay tune😎 Here is a sneak peek of one of them🤘🏻 Cheers 3998 4086 | 6438 9299

我們同時兩樣產品 REBORN 和 MAGIC SPINNER 榮登Murphy's 首頁廣告! 感謝Murphy's Magic 對我們的支持。 Both REBORN and MAGIC SPINNER is now available worldwide, get yours today! 3998 4086 | 6438 9299 |


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