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Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3, Bonn, Germany
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DW Akademie is Germany’s leading organization for international media development, supporting free media worldwide. #mediadev As Deutsche Welle's international center for media development, media consulting and journalism training, DW Akademie offers its partners and clients around the world a broad range of training and consulting projects.

At a Glance

Media Development

Training for journalists, technicians, managers and instructors in radio, television and the Internet. Experienced instructors train media specialists from developing and transition countries, and provide consulting services to managers from foreign broadcasters.

International Media Studies

An interdisciplinary, bilingual and internationally-oriented Master's Program. The curriculum combines the disciplines of media and development, journalism, communication science and media management.

Media Training

Customized courses for specialist and management staff from the worlds
of business, science, politics, administration and non-governmental organizations. The courses prepare participants for public appearances at home or abroad and convey practical, inter-cultural knowledge and country-specific information.


Cross-media international training for young journalists. In addition to the classic traineeship for native German-speakers, Deutsche Welle also offers an international traineeship, conceived specifically for young journalists from regions to which it broadcasts.


An internship offers young journalists the chance to gather valuable experience. In principle, internships with Deutsche Welle are possible in all departments in which journalistic work is carried out: online, television, radio, DW Akademie and the communications department. Our ideals


DW Akademie is based in Bonn and Berlin:

DW Akademie
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3
53113 Bonn

DW Akademie
Voltastraße 6
13355 Berlin



Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival is over for this year but you want to watch some more? For Berlinale Talents, our trainees produced video portraits of international film makers, actors and actresses. Meet director Iliana Sosa, who tells powerful stories about migrant families and US-society at a crossroad:

Meet Oscar Parra, founder of Rutas del Conflicto. The online database and mobile application documents the massacres perpetuated during Colombia's civil war. It enables users to search, filter, and visualize information about this part of Colombia's history. Check out our digital innovation library for more information:

Khayae FM, Myanmar's first community radio station, has been broadcasting daily from Htan Tabin since February 18. Last week, Jutta Kranz-Plote from Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) paid a visit.

More impressions from the world premiere of SUPA MODO at Berlinale Generation via DW - Global Ideas. SUPA MODO was produced in a joint project by DW Akademie, Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) and Tom Tykwer's One Fine Day Films.

Today is the last day of Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival​. As part of the Berlinale Talents​-team, our trainees talked to some inspiring figures in the international film industry. Meet Indian actor Pitobash​, who made the leap from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Kenya's first super hero movie: SUPA MODO, produced by Tom Tykwer's One Fine Day Films, had its world premiere as part of Berlinale Generation – and was enthusiastically received by the audience!

SUPA MODO, produziert von Tom Tykwers One Fine Day Films, geht an diesem Wochenende ins Rennen um den Preis der Berlinale Generation. So war die Weltpremiere des ersten Superhelden-Films aus Kenia im Haus der Kulturen der Welt:

Are you looking for a Master’s Program that prepares you for the challenges in the communications and media industries? Apply now for the International Media Studies Program and meet aspiring communications professionals from around the world like Andrea Johanna Meza Castillo from Ecuador.

Über 3.500 Menschen arbeiten auf den Straßen von La Paz als Schuhputzer unter härtesten Bedingungen. Lukas Praller, Freiwilligendienst kulturweit-Teilnehmer der DW Akademie in Bolivien, erklärt, warum viele der „Lustrabotas“ ihr Gesicht mit Sturmmasken verhüllen – und wie ihnen die Organisation VAMOS JUNTOS - Freundeskreis Deutschland Bolivien e.V. helfen will.

On Sunday, 18 February, SUPA MODO held its world premiere at Haus der Kulturen der Welt as part of Berlinale Generation. Here are some impressions from the first ever screening of "Kenya's first super hero movie". SUPA MODO was produced by DW Akademie, One Fine Day Films and Ginger Ink Films (Kenya), with support by Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)

On February 18, Khayae FM (Starflower FM), Myanmar's first community radio station, was officially launched. Congratulations!


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