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Roskilde Festival Graffiti

Darupvej 19, Roskilde, Denmark
Non-profit organization



The annual graffiti project at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. 100+ volunteer international artists paint 1 kilometer of walls with world class graffiti. On this page you can follow the project, before, during and after the festival in photos and video.



Aches tagstyle with cut-outs in 2017

RASKO from Russia finishing up one of his many walls at Roskilde Festival 2014. Photo by @streetcolors

Sofles full steam ahead in 2012

Zurik from Colombia shining in the Roskilde summer sun in 2015

Happy 75th birthday Martha Cooper!!

In 2016 we had a visit from ROID MSK who did this giant doublesided artwork about festival life going from Discovery to...

From the festival in 2016: Psychedelic installation by Phibs from Australia, made of wood and freestyle hand painting, at night it even had built-in UV lighting.

Enjoy all the finished walls and artworks from 2015

Enjoy the 351 final walls of 2016!

Enjoy all the walls of 2017!

Rip Treze

Treze visited Roskilde Festival in 2015. We have just heard the sad news that he passed away today after a long struggle with cancer. Thank you for all the great art you gave us. Rest in peace Treze!


NEAR Roskilde Festival Graffiti