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Interested in improving your quality of life? Join the Biocrystal world – a whole new world of products developed to answer the needs of a modern human. The story of Biocrystal® began when we realized to have the possibility and knowledge to change and improve the way people live their lives.

Creating Biocrystal® – a completely natural substance, that consists of 16 crystals complemented with gold and silver, and has scientifically proven effectiveness opened a completely new horizon to the concept of well-being. Not only for human but for animals and plants too.

Products with Biocrystal technology implemented are intended to those who pay attention to a long terms well being, who seek for the best quality of life with maximum energy and minimum stress. For those who invest in their health in order to be even more successful and even more productive. After a decade of constant research to prove efficiency of our technology and a never ending process of product development, we created a whole new world for you – the Biocrystal world that is here to support every activity you have, every step you take.

Trust our claim that we can bring back the quality of live you deserve. We will do that even for your loved pets and plants.

To make an example: Biocrystal® inside bedding products (toppers and pillows) will help you sleep better and deeper, will renew your energy, improve your organism's general condition after a continual use and put it in balance. Pet beds with Biocrystal® technology implemented will increase vitality and mobility of your pets, while Biocrystal® inside horse blanket makes it the first crystal therapy blanket in the world. Vito & Flora – world first plant energizers, completely made of Biocrystal® mixture, are intended to help plants grow in a more healthier fashion.

Every Biocrystal® product is scientifically proven to work and strongly recommended by medical experts. Besides, Biocrystal® have more than 500 000 users around the Globe.

Many other products based on Biocrystal® are being developed while you are reading this, so stay tuned. ;)


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Have a successful weak ahead and don’t forget to recharge your energy 😉

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Today is the World stray animals day. No other idea should lead us when treating the animals but this Mahatma Gandhi’s quote: "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." You can't help every animal in a trouble but helping one – you have done a lot.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter that is filled with plenty of love and happiness.

A modern way of living made us all have similar concerns when it comes to the everyday activities. We live fast, pay poor attention to the what our bodies need and only pull the brake when it is urgent. Therefore, keeping attention on both body and mind hygiene is necessary and crucial to maintaining a well-balanced, happy and healthy life, and to be satisfied with yourself – inside out. Find out how Biocrystal® can help you achieve balanced and a life full of energy. Click here:

[NEWS] Biocrystal® innovation became available on Northern America’s market, though a cooperation which we have established with FXI the leading producer of innovative foam products, specialized in the Bedding, Furniture, Industrial, Healthcare, and Transportation markets. A cooperation between the two companies resulted with Regenerist™ with Biocrystal® foam, a unique foam infused with Biocrystal® mixture to provide better sleep and improved performance.

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