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Brace Graner 14, Cakovec, Croatia
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Pharmacentric CRM and CLM solutions for iPad, Android, Windwos and Web. Pharmacentric CRM and CLM solutions for iPad, Android, Windwos and Web.


[Worldwide live] - Quite busy days at Media-Soft. Our team members Dinko, Kristina and Ivan on roll-out in Kiev, Sanja on roll-out in Skopje, Danijel on roll-out in Ljubljana and Dario negotiating in Ljubljana. More cool news coming soon.

[Live from Mali Losinj] - Live from the STADA Croatia training held by our consultant Nikola. Looks like the med reps enjoy their time ;)

[Live from Vietnam] - Live from the kick-off meeting with a new client from Vietnam. #vietnam

[Mediasoft Pedia - Nikola Tesla was born] - Today 161 years ago, the Croatian and world inventor Nikola Tesla was born in tiny village Smiljan (Croatia). Some of his remarkable inventions include: Alternating Current, x-rays, radio, remote control, wireless transmission and many more. Do you know any other inventions from Tesla?

[Motivation Monday] - After some silence we are back with brilliant Charles Darwin. #motivationmonday

Congratulations to Real Madrid for winning the Champions League. Proud on our two Croatians, Mario Mandzukic and Luka Modric.

[New customers in May 2017] - May was incredible for us. Five major pharmaceuticals from 5 different countries signed the agreement for our CRM solutions. More information coming soon.

[Mediasoft in Croatia's biggest newspaper] - Today Mediasoft is on the cover of the Croatia biggest media, Jutarnji .

[New customer - Bosnalijek] - Bosnalijek deploys Mediasoft CRM globally, in more than 10 countries. PR available on this link:

[Motivation Monday] - To the point. #motivationmonday

[New brand identity - Media-Soft becomes Mediasoft] - For the third time in our 21 year history we change our logo and brand identity incrementally. More info avaliable here:

Happy Easter to all of you :)


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