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The Stolen People- Nuit Blanche 2017

100 queen street west, Toronto, Canada
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The Stolen People transports the public 150 years into the future- to a post-apocalyptic bunker holding great secrets.  


Thank you Canadian Art!

This government issued workstation is one of many that occupy the futures decimated landscape. Covered internally and externally with socialist-style pro-government propaganda and non-rebel iconography, at first glance seems a mechanical open air purgatory of a lost place. People clock in for their shifts and work tirelessly during the days to filter water, grow food hydroponically, attempt to make communication with “the others” and take their daily dose of Life, a serum that protects citizens from the high levels of pollutants in the air and water. During the nights, however, the space is converted into an activist meeting space/bunker by The Stolen People, rebels who are resisting the system, and who have created a life-giving serum of their own. As such, the rebels are no longer dependent on Life, and live outside of the system. Bunk-beds are pulled out from the walls, drawers come up from the floors and all are covered with letters, objects, memorabilia and archives left from their movement. The Stolen People leave these messages to communicate with loved ones, to learn of times before, to keep up with current organizing plans and strategies. The Stolen People are part of a vast underground movement that came out of the Black Power Movement, Black Lives Matter Movement and the Last Stand era, which ended abruptly in 2067 when the water became too polluted to consume. They are Black people- people who would not be eradicated.

Dear loved ones, we are in search of some items for our upcoming Nuit Blanche project, The Stolen People........Can you help? We are seeking to borrow: 120 soda cans (can you save us some from your household?) Many Interestingly shaped jars with lids 1 rain barrel Metal or wood wagon wheel or large wheel with spokes Toy? telescopes 20 foot drip hose Plant cuttings from succulents or low water plants For black community members: any copies of family photos you'd be willing to share or beautiful moments in your life caught on film- we want to celebrate your organizing and have you stand in as activists 150 years in the future 🙂 Thank you! @Melisse Watson Syrus Marcus Ware

The Stolen People transports the public 150 years into the future- to a post-apocalyptic bunker holding great secrets. On the surface, it is a work station for the proletariat, a symbol of the dying state system. Upon closer examination, the bunker reveals stories of an underground alliance occupying the station during off-work hours.


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