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Schoolhaus Culinary Arts

2171B Lorne Street, Regina, Canada
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It’s fun to play with food!

What could be better than sitting down with people you like for a seriously amazing home cooked meal? Sitting there knowing YOU cooked it, of course!

Rookie, foodie or somewhere in between, Schoolhaus will make you a better cook.

Take a class or 20. Do it with friends or make new ones.

There’s a chef in every one of us. Let’s taste what yours can do!

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We've got a fantastic class coming up this Monday! Just what you need when it's -1,000,000°C outside. Clean eating comfort foods! These are all great comfort foods without all the added fat and grease of the originals. Give it a try and make texmex turkey meatloaf with chipotle glaze, lite Mac'n cheese, cauliflower fries with roasted garlic dip and more! This is definitely a class you won't want to miss.

Do you think you could have more fun than these guys? Join us for modern home chef 101. It's a 10 week course that starts March 21st. Learn a variety of skills as we progress in skill level every week. Register today and let the fun begin.

It's that time of the month! We have another wonderful class release coming up and we'd like to hear from you. What would you be interested in taking? We're already scheduling classes into May so let us know in the comments below what you'd like to see in the coming months.

Just imagine you're spending the day relaxing in the french countryside. A glass of wine in one hand and a good book in the other. "Farmhouse French" encapsulates this feeling. Join us as we take a food adventure to the rustic French countryside and cook up some french classics like Coq au Vin, French Chocolate Torte with Creme Anglaise and more. oo la la c'est magnifique! Register Today:

Did you know that we have a great team building class for you and your office? It's called the "Learn and Lunch"! Our Learn & Lunch offers a chance to learn new cooking skills in a team-building environment. Escape the office for something delicious you cooked up yourself. Classes run 11am-1pm. Phone us today and book your team building lunch. Phone: (306) 543-2665

Hey there foodies! Last night we ran our first Young Chef After School Special and we all had a blast! Join us Monday, February 5th for our next class and let's continue the fun. During the class we will be taking a trip to little old Italy. Learn to make your own Fettuccini, bruschetta and more with this great after school activity! Register Today:

New Class Spotlight! We are running a new class series this year called, Young Chef After School Special (ages10-18). It runs from 4-6:30 during the week and is a great after school activity. Learn to cook from our fantastic chefs. Make your own food and even take some home for your family...If they're nice. Register today for one or both! January 29th: February 5th:

We have a fantastic lineup of classes coming up this week. Take a look and see if anything wets your appetite. Monday, January 22 - Indian Cuisine (SOLD OUT) Wednesday, January 24th -Japanese Bento Boxes (SOLD OUT) Thursday, January 25th - Date Night: Chicken Friday, January 26th - Vegetarian Date Night Saturday, January 27th - Book for Private Event Sunday, January 28th - Macaron Workshop (SOLD OUT) Register Today at:

Do you have someone that you want to learn to cook with? Maybe you want to show off your already impressive kitchen skills? Well, "Date Night: Chicken" on January 25th draws attention to the main course. Leave that dry and overcooked chicken at the door - we will teach you and your guest how to prepare this protein properly without skimping on flavour! Register Today:

Risotto. There's a reason that Gordon Ramsay is always yelling at people because of it. It's delicious but it can be difficult to make. What if it's too gummy? What if you end up with rice soup goop? Let us show you the way with our risotto workshop. On Saturday, January 20th, Nicole will teach you all about the different rices, styles and methods to make this wonderful dish. Register today:

Some of the best things in life are stuffed! A delicious rolled pork loin, cheese stuffed veggies, me after Christmas dinner. There's no way to go wrong when you put food inside another food. Come learn the art of stuffing with our great class, "I'm Stuffed" on January 31st. Register today!

Are you feeling the bite of the cold weather? Join us this Monday as Walter teaches Classic Mexican. He will transport you away to a much warmer climate as he teaches you how to make food that he grew up with including, how to make your own tortillas. Register Today before it's too late!


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