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The Brick Antwerp

Waalsekaai 57A, Antwerp, Belgium
Gym/Physical Fitness Center



THE BRICK is a concept gym in Antwerp offering personal training and group lessons (pilates, yoga, spinning, boxing, animal flow, cardio crush & dance). We’re building a gym, just like we feel you should build your body.

By paying attention to all possible aspects of well-being. Whether it’s strength, weight, agility or overall health. We’re building a place you can feel at home in. Just like your body.

A place that inspires both the most epic of workouts and the smallest personal victories. A gym where the newest technology is tried and tested every day. Where you’ll learn that leaving your comfort zone doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Where you’ll grow at your own pace. With small steps or giant leaps. With personal training. Or personal courage.

We’re building a gym where listening to the customers is considered just as essential as listening to your body. Because everyone is different.

And if there’s one thing The Brick will be, it’s different.


TRAINER OF THE MONTH Crossfight_Antwerp is your partner in crime when you want to work on your endurance. Besides being a personal trainer, Hin also hosts 2 classes at The Brick. Join him every Monday morning at 8h30 for Crossfight or during the Small Group Trainings on Thursday at 9h00. Kick some ass with Hin! 👊🏼

🚧 The construction of the Antwerpian Central Park has officially begun! It will take about a year before we can fully enjoy this green oasis around our corner, with over 2000 underground parking spots. 🤗 In the meanwhile there is enough space to park your car at the docks or in the streets nearby. So you can stick to your schedule without any excuses! ✔💪

A new week, a new opportunity to test our Virtuix Omni! Did you know that besides having fun, you also burn up to 600 calories?! 💦 Book your appointment at!

WORKOUT OF THE MONTH There is yoga and there is POWER yoga! 💪 Charge up your mind & body for the holidays with some intensive poses. Join the Poweryoga classes every Monday morning at 7h30 or every Friday evening at 19h00.

Yesterday ATV got a taste of the Virtuix Omni! Go go 🙌🏼 PM us for a try-out! 💪🏼

Motivation on Tuesday! Come over for your workout till 22h00. 👊🏼 See you later?

Teleport yourself to another universe with our Virtuix Omni!👽 Want a try-out? Book your appointment at

Twice the drive, twice the motivation! 👊🏻Together you’re stronger! Regram of Roy and Julie. #powercouple

Get a taste of the future at The Brick! 😱Come on over to try out our virtual reality treadmill, the Virtuix Omni. 🙌 Book your spot at Everybody is welcome so bring a friend! 💪💪

THIS WEEKS BRICKIE Soon to be mom and inspiration Lieve Vandenweghe visits The Brick 3 times a week. Staying fit during and after her pregnancy is important for her. 💪🏼 She loves crosstraining, race walking and the infinity stairs. Show some respect for Lieve! 🙌🏼

TRAINER OF THE MONTH With Irene you’re in for flowing, dynamic and energetic classes thanks to her international allround training background. With a focus on functional movements to create a strong and agile body, Irene shows you the awesome art of controlled movement. Switch it up a little and try out one of Irene’s classes!

Rainy weather got nothing on us. Come and get your endorphin fix! 💥 Thanks for sharing your picture Julie Vranckx!


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