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46 / 7 Production Road, Sydney, Australia



Graphic Wraps! Digitally printed graphic wraps for boats and all other vehicles. We have our own stock graphics for any size boat wrap.


Quintrex Bayraider 560 - Monster Shark/Aussie Flag.. Film - 3M IJ180v3 Printer - HP 360 Latex Artwork - Graphic Wraps Original Design.

Stacer Outlaw 469 - Monster Shark/Aussie Flag.. Film - 3M Metallic IJ180mC Printer - HP 360 Latex Artwork - Graphic Wraps Original Design.

Printing another Monster Shark Aussie Flag boat wrap on 3M Metallic wrap film......

Monster Shark Aus Flag Variants proving popular this week..

We are working on some cool Harley Davidson Fridge wraps...... Coming Soon!

FAQ and Price Guide

Price Estimate guide.. As boats do vary vastly in hull design shape and materials please refer this as a guide only.

People requesting quotes please provide a photo and measurements of your boat.... email to Asking to wrap " 5 metre boat" is not enough information as side heights and hull design will influence pricing. More info the better.. Thanks guys! Regards, Craig.

Quintrex Coast Runner 500 New stock artwork Free to use with any wrap. Design is able to be modified to suit any boat.

Mulloway Jew Fish stickers. Cutting out one of our fish designs on our plotter/vinyl cutter.

Bar Crusher 490C Boat Wrap - Custom Mermaid exclusive design for Ashley... Material 3MIJ180mC-120 Printed HP 360 Latex (Solvent Free) Artwork by Graphics Wraps

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