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Third Eye Muay Thai & Heng Kuai

121 Woodstock St, Newcastle, Australia
Outdoor, Recreation & Fitness



Real Muay Thai in a traditional Thai style gym backed by modern Kinesiology & Sport Science.

Head trainers
Jacob Marks (Australia) & (TBA Thailand) -Goals-

~To create world class martial artist.

~To teach all who are willing to learn.

~ To fight evolutionary mismatch diseases (sore backs, obesity, flat feet, cardiovascular disease  etc)

~To get the point across that human movement is an essential key to a healthy and happy life.

~To show that human movement & martial arts is an art form.

~ To teach that Self-mastery is the ultimate form of happiness (as opposed to material possessions/greed/or short lived moments of joy).

~ To show Physical activity leads to greater productivity in all areas of life.

~ To bring together professionals from all areas of life to create a community of forward thinking individuals.


Jacob Marks

-Certificate 3&4 Fitness (Hunter Tafe)

-Level 1 Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) for Sports Performance

- Apply First Aid

-Level 2 black / A level Fighter & Instructor (Heng Kuai Fighting Arts)

- International level Judge & Referee (I.S.K.A)

-I.SK.A (international sport karate association) commonwealth featherweight Muay Thai champion

-I.S.K.A South Pacific featherweight Muay Thai champion x2

-I.S.K.A Australian Muay Thai champion x2

-W.K.A (world kick-boxing association) Australian bantam weight Muay Thai champion

-W.K.A South Pacific featherweight muaythai champion

-W.K.A N.S.W featherweight Muay Thai champion

-WMC (world Muay Thai council) N.S.W light weight Muay Thai champion

#1 ranked featherweight in International Kickboxer magazine 4 yrs in a row.

Lived and fought in Thailand and Cambodia, also represented Australia in China, shared the ring with 4 world champions and trained regularly with many more.

Trained by some of the most influential figures in the sport including 10 years with my head trainer Robert Murdoch From Heng Kuai fighting arts Newcastle and most recently Paddy Carson from paddys fight club Cambodia & South Africa.

Siam Chai (Thailand)

A beautiful Thai stylist with over 280 fights to his name.
Chai has fought in all the top stadiums in Thailand including:

- Lumpinee Boxing Stadium Bangkok
- Ragdamnoen Stadium Bangkok
- T.V 3
- Omnoi

Chai also fought for Songchai promotions who is the biggest and most well known promoter in Thailand.

Some of Chai's accolades include:

-T.V 3 Shell champion (Bangkok)

-Multiple South Thailand Champion.

- Representing Thailand In Europe, Russia, China, Japan & Australia

- Apply First Aid


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Tezza stepping up in Thailand last night. Go son!! Living the dream.

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Muay Thai - Seksan vs Superbank (เสกสรร vs ซุปเปอร์แบงค์), Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, 3.5.17

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Back at it tonight... Fighters 430pm // all Levels drills 545pm // beginners 630pm #thirdeyemuaythai #newcastlenswaustralia #allwelcome

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Putting the work in. Hard kicks and straight punches. A good recipe. #thirdeyemuaythai #muaythai #newcastlenswaustralia #power

Putting the work in. Hard kicks and straight punches. A good recipe. #thirdeyemuaythai #muaythai #newcastlenswaustralia #power

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Wednesday night bag circuit and drillas! #dekkers #muaythai #thirdeyemuaythai #newcastlenswaustralia #allsorts

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Timeline Photos

DNS this sarv 4pm Photo by @muay_thai_photography

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Muay Thai Fight - Sam-A vs Panpayak- New Lumpini Stadium, Bangkok, 6th March 2015

Muay Thai Fight - Panpayak vs Saen, Rajadamnern Stadium Bangkok - 28th January 2016

National Geographic - Fight Club Asia

Gym closed if anyone wants to train I can open up and they can lock up. ✌🏾

Namsaknoi Muay Thai

Namsaknoi Muay Thai

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Death via pad work 🤢 Big Benny close to a lil chuck after bag work, 4x3 pad rounds and 1x kick shield round. Well done big boy. Smashing it out after the Easter break. @kill_ben

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