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The Empowerment Club Coaches specialise in  Mindset & Intervention Coaching, along with Fitness and Nutrition we deliver a holistic approach to life changes.  What we do!

We help you bring your thoughts and actions into alignment with who you truly want to be.

-Individual Coaching

-Relationship Coaching

-Family Coaching

-Fitness & Nutrition

Empowerment is the ability to see and actually believe that we are free to choose how we want to play in this game called life.  These perspectives and insights – this sense of personal empowerment are available to you through coaching and will impact every aspect of your life.
We are practitioners with many years experience in Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol, Crisis Intervention, Counselling, and Coaching. We have accredited Fitness and Nutrition Specialists, we can work in ALL of life's areas to create change in a quick timeframe.

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WELL DONE!!! All teams showed up and did their best work. There are a few last minute drop outs 🙃 so we have a couple of spaces in BOOTCAMP for the term, it’s not too late if you’re keen. Let me know by messaging me. -30 minutes -Fatburn -Always different -Always fun -Small groups Monday and Wednesday at 6pm Angela.


What's YOUR story???? We all have one, want one, will get one, THAT is inevitable. How we create it, live in it, change it is what we are all trying to do. Warrior Queen is a day that will help you open up, feel deeply, laugh from the pit of your belly. We are a group of women with such diverse backgrounds, we are all professional women that share one thing in common we are all Warrior Queens. There is something in life that happens, brings you to your knees, has you feeling in complete overwhelm and dysfunction. We quickly learn to jump ship on our lives and our bodies, we have no clue how just to BE anymore. Each of us has a story, each of us can change that story. Are you ready to learn how??? These women will teach you about health wealth life and how to tap into it all. How to prepare your future. What to look for when planning your estate your affairs, how to tune into your body and take this life by the hand, smile at it sweetly confidently get up and go again. You will learn about HOW to tap into the mindset of a warrior queen what that means and how to keep her in view EVERYDAY, even the days you feel shaky. She has Fear, she will falter she will stubble BUT she will RISE she will power through she will be all she can with all she has. ARE YOU READY to look in the mirror and meet her? February 24th join us for a day of life navigation, learning, laughing leaning in and out of all things life. Tickets available next week, get ready!!!!!

The Empowerment Club is ready to go..... I’ve mowed the lawns, cleaned away the Christmas cobwebs, tended to the inside lawns, it’s sparkling clean and ready for all the teams. ALL THE FANS ARE NOW UP AND BLOWING AN INCREDIBLE BREEZE THROUGH THE CLUB. A huge shoutout to the boys at JC Butko Engineering for another outstanding fit out. WE ARE OPEN AS USUAL TOMORROW. ARE YOU READY? 🔥 F.I.R.E - 5.00 & 6.45 Monday and Wednesday 👢 Bootcamp - 6.00pm Monday & Wednesday 🧚🏻‍♀️Aerial Fit - 6.00 Thursday’s (5 places left) It’s going to be a HUGE term of mind and body TRANSFORMATIONS. Xx

There are so many people that have experienced 'things' in their life. There are many people that hold great shame or shameful feelings around those 'things.' There are a lot of people that push it down build a wall, create a way to be BUT, it is still all centered around the 'thing.' It's not always about pulling the 'thing' up into view and eyeballing it, it's not always about trying to understand it, AND it's not about HAVING to make peace with IT, this 'thing.' What I always say to people is change the story that dances around the 'thing,’ look at the behaviour that has manifested from it, give it a different place to be AND understand where and why it sits within you the way that it does. The world doesn't know what you know, BUT YOU DO! Sometimes we can struggle to let go of whatever it is that haunts us. Triggers are ready to be fired from the very smoking gun that delivered the ‘thing’ slamming down on that hairpin to let loose a volatile feeling as vulgar and distasteful as if it JUST happened. The barrel is always pointed directly at our heart, the place we FEEL and don't know why we feel so broken. We don't often know how to fix the place that is the eppy center of our very being, it can be cloaked in so much shame we just can't shake it away to feel anything different. At first, you are a victim, this is what you hear, this word somehow alleviates your mind it conjures up another story, it is not your fault, this feels comfortable, nurturing, worthy at some level, you are right on all levels. BUT you MUST RISE UP from that place and become something different something more than ‘the victim.’ Why!! Because that 'thing' and the story you have created is the trigger that will break you every time and you will never be able to see your world from any other view than from that smoking gun that fired it, ‘the thing’ in the first place. TRIGGERED How to jump in and disarm your emotional triggers before they detonate. It's coming!!!

It’s up and running. I’m okay with epic storytelling, fun pictures, and showing up. I can’t believe how much this journey and set up of my site has changed over the year. We have done a short film in Thurgoona where we flew in a team, photos in the park, a running film clip up dean street. You name it we did it. We used none of it!!! BUT we had a lot of fun last year. Keep moving forward 💭✍🏻🧜🏻‍♀️🏖🧝🏻‍♀️ . . . . . . . #vulnerability #itsanokayspacetowanderin #warriorqueen #warrior #angelasymonds #angela_symonds #ceo #theempowermentclub #shakeitup #tellyourstory #traveltheworldandhelppeople #noshame #wife #mum #changeitall #instagram #ceo #entrepreneur #original

Life is here right NOW!! There is no second chance when we are dead because although there are many theories and beliefs we ultimately don't know what comes next. I see people shrink their lives, BUT inside they are itching, longing and dreaming of expansion. I have lived an incredible life and have gained so very much knowledge along the way. The good The bad The really fucking bad The ugly The inhuman BUT I choose to FOCUS on; The AMAZINGNESS THE CONNECTION THE OUTSTANDING RELATIONSHIPS THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LOVED ME THE PEOPLE THAT DO LOVE ME I have learned to switch out, and create a different place to be, shift from the negative to the positive. My life's work is in this field of helping others do the same, an area I'm passionate about. It takes Determination Repetitiveness Resilience Focus Rituals AND a whole lot of self-forgiveness and self-love. I look at my life with tender eyes, Focused eyes Open eyes I am grateful to be alive because I know what it's like to want to be dead. Learn to tap into the side of your self-talk that is gentle, supportive, your cheerleader. Every morning set your thinking. Every morning tell yourself what you ARE! Every morning take a cup of No More F#cks To Give to the people places and things that drown you, add some milk and lighten up the darkness. Life is so very much NOW!! Get switched on TODAY!!!!!!! My 10 top tips for self-reclamation!!!! No More F#cks to Give Shine bright!!

4.30 am Training this morning. I have a couple of kettle-bells where ever I go it makes for a great session. You don’t have to be the best in comparison to the world you just need to be better than you were a week ago, a year ago, progressing forward is exciting and the rise along the way should be fun, intensifying to euphoria. Just keep going, never quite on yourself. As a Counsellor my mind needs my body and my body my mind. - Breakfast was eggs, avo, wall nuts and yoghurt, with coffee BECAUSE I love coffee ☕️ . . . . . . . #theempowermentclub #rise #bebetter #dobettereachday #justkeepgoing #dontsacraficeyourlifetopleaseotherpeople #riseandroar #angelasymonds #girlonamission #blockouttheshit #letitallgo #warrior #entrepreneur #ceo #mindset #bodypower #writer #counsellor #criminalminds #imalmostthere

You know when another person is aggressive and attacks you telling you all the things that you didn't do or are not, then asks you for coffee???? That always makes me think,.... mmmm I wonder what is going on for them, nothing more or less. I have spent a long time creating a great understanding of the human behaviour and where it comes from, it is my world and an area that I love to work. It saddens me that people feel the need to let loose their demons on another, screaming untruths about a person to create their own reality to self-serve and self-soothe. When something follows you around, and you keep experiencing the same thing over and over with different people, then that must alert you to the self-damaging patterns you are smashing yourself with. We must remember that responsibility alleviates self-perpetrating aggravation in one's mind. Responsibility is talking and seeing our own truth and stepping into it without self-persecution and fear. A decisive action comes from this place, change comes from the awareness of this patterning this life story that keeps happening, it allows you to change it. Sure it may be 'them' and not you BUT, what is it that you are doing or not doing that is getting you the same result over and over again. Look at all of your life, and take responsibility for yourself. Your actions, your words, your feelings, your everything. Because when you do and you can stop the internal battle of what you don't have and the 'who' will give it to me, your life will change it will become easier it will flow rather than feel hard. Write down the areas you want to change, as in what keeps happening with people, work, relationships, friendships, family. Then look at the outcomes and write them down. Look at YOUR response to each one. We can't change the outside world BUT we can change who we are being in it. What would you or could YOU do that would create a different outcome next time. That's all we have to do, self-analysis without beating ourselves up. Sounds easy, but yet is so very hard to do for some. Have a fabulous day!!

Check them out!!

I have lived with low-grade anxiety running through me for years, and every now and again she flares up. For me it was usually when I'd be multitasking and working at a high capacity, I usually didn't feel the nudge, or I'd dismiss it as nerves, perhaps a bit of fear. It would come back up, and I refuse to look at it again, pushing it away dismissing it as 'stupid.' BUT THEN... It takes the black hood of complete and utter darkness places it over my head and renders me a mess A COMPLETE MESS. My throat usually gets ulcerated stress has built up, and my body is aching, tension is so high I can't think. I can't string anything together. I'm out for the count and am in a fetal position on the bed until I can muster enough of something to get up and go again. That's what it used to feel like and look like for me, Anxiety that is. It would shoot down my nervous system and take out my legs. Anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried. While stress and anxious feelings are a common response to a situation where we feel under pressure, they usually pass once the stressful situation has passed, or 'stressor' is removed. Over the years I have delved into many types of therapy to combat this, tapping, self-talk, CBT, DBT, phone a friend, hand-eye touch therapy, you name it I've done it. I have over the years come to accept this part of myself, and actually decided to master myself, THAT'S when the change happened. I learned to go in and create a different internal space for this beast to lay down. I stopped my body attacking itself and created a space for it to be I started tuning in instead of out. There are many things that you can do to HELP with the feelings of anxiety running rampant through your body, techniques that will see you hitting the brakes before it renders you useless and disconnected from your life. My trigger these days is still flying, I don't like it, it used to give me ulcers, and I'd be crying boarding a plane (true) I stayed in the U.K for 10 years because I was afraid of flying... it was real for me. I don't respond in this way anymore, BUT I still feel the low-grade tremors running through me. There are many mind-body techniques that you can implement when it comes to feelings of uncontrollable disconnection, because that's what is ultimately happening, hysteria through the mind and body!! I have training in them all, I'll be honest... first of all, it was to master myself. NOW it's to help people shift, change and slide into the driver's seat of their lives, with a deep understanding of HOW and WHY they need to push through and become their own master. Today I'm heading up for a bit of an adventure, it's a scary one as I will be undergoing part of my future, incorperating physical training and mental capacity training. I HAVE to be on the ball as in complete control of myself for this as it's going to be terrifyingly intense. To help others, I do believe that you must first have mastered the technique of helping AND maintaining yourself. #crimesquad #victimsunit #traumateam #mentalhealthfrontlinerecovery #humantraffikingtaskforce #kickopenthedoorstohellandpulloutthegoodnessthatistrapped #mindandbodyonpoint #specialistunit #runpunchkickduckdiveweavegetingetout #thereareevilpeopleoutthere #firewalker


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