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I'm a fully qualified personal trainer, older adult coach, fitness instructor and soft tissue therapist. Please contact me for more details.


A nice 7 mile Sunday jog done this morning. Jogging improves: - cardiovascular health - boosts your mood - burns calories - improves stamina It's a great way to start off your day, and it doesn't matter how slow you go! You're still lapping all those sat on the couch.. what have you got to lose!

Ok busy mums and ladies. We all know the realities of dealing with the school run, children and meal times, I live it myself and it's not always pretty. It's hard as a mum just getting through the days some days, or even trying to get your child to dare I say it, eat a vegetable.. After the real struggle of being a mum, you feel drained and probably by the end of the night reach for the bottle of vino.. and you're all sick of eating that boring chicken breast with veg, or omelette and veg for breakfast, or you don't eat it at all, because the thought at that time in a morning quite frankly makes you boak! So, I'm doing a little research into the 'real side of eating as a busy working mum'...Here are a few Questions for you and be truthful. - who here always has time in a morning to make breakfast? And what do you have? - do you in reality take a packed lunch to work, or sod it and buy anything you can get your hands on, where ever you may be at that time? - who in reality sets time a side to meal prep? - we all know what we should be eating but do you actually follow it ? - In reality what would you like to eat and have set out for you? Easy to prepare meals? Vegerian dishes? Alternatives to processed junk snacks? - What can I put togther to help you busy mums adhere to an eating plan?

Brathay Running home of the ASICS Windermere Marathon

Ladies in Perth needing help with weight loss, and you're not a member of a gym, or you feel too intimidated stepping foot into a gym. I can help you, by coming to you! For a free consultation please get in touch.

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love this simple idea by precision nutrition as pictured below. However if you want a more precise tool and you're good at maths - here it is: How to work out calorie intake: How to calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) This is the amount of calories your body needs each day to perform it’s basic bodily function, such as digestion, circulation, respiration etc. This does not include energy required for physical activity. I use the 'Harris Benedict Equation' This uses height, age, weight & gender to determine BMR, making it more accurate than simply calculating calories from body weight alone. Below is the equation for women, it is different for men. Women: BMR = 655 + (9.6 x weight in kgs) + (1.8 x height in cms) - (4.7 x age in years) Example; Female - 34 years Height - 5ft 9 = 1.75cms Weight - 63kgs 655 + (9.6 x 63) = 1,259.8 + (1.8 x 1.75) = 1,262.95 - (4.7 x 34) = 1,103.15 rounded up to 1,103 calories a day needed for my body to perform its basic bodily functions - therefore when cutting calories I should not go below this figure. Now lets work out your (TDEE) Total Daily Energy Expenditure - basically multiply the above result (BMR) by your true activity level from the box below - Be truthful as to how active you are, otherwise your TDEE will be wrong making your total calories wrong. Activity Level : Sedentary BMR x 1.2 , Lightly active BMR x 1.375 Moderately active BMR x 1.55 Very active BMR x 1.725 Extremely active BMR x 1.9 Example: BMR = 1,103 x (moderately active) 1.55 TDEE = 1,709 calories a day intake. - OK to keep your weight the same - stick to the calories you’ve just worked out. - To lose weight adjust your calories by taking up to 500 calories away. - This calorie deficit plus increasing exercise will help you lose weight. The important part while losing weight is to feed your body correct, wholesome goodness, (to keep hold of the muscle whole ridding the fat) that only comes from real food. - If you want to gain lean muscle mass – you need to adjust your calorie intake and consume more calories, provided that you are also participating in a regular weight training programme., the calorie surplus will be used to create new muscle. Muscle is active and burns more calories. - All too often, people go on these fad diets of eating absolutely nothing except shakes/drinks etc.. you are not feeding any muscle, you are therefore not keeping any tone from exercise, just losing a lot of muscle with some fat and water. The body’s survival mechanism when a person puts the body into starvation mode is to eat muscle first and save the fat, the body doesn’t see muscle as a necessity, plus muscle burns more calories even at rest. - Try to aim to lose 1-2lbs a week. Why? Because, the slower you loose the less likely you are to gain it ALL back on. It helps skin move back as best as possible with the help of toning & exercise. As you lose weight your BMR and BMI will change every 4 weeks adjust your calorie intake according to your goal. Food for thought: - Protein per gram contains 4 calories. - Carbohydrates per gram contains 4 calories. - Fats per gram contains 9 calories. - Alcohol per gram contains 7 ‘empty’ calories. Remember stress, lifestyle, lack of sleep, hormones all play havoc with our bodies to. So be kind to yourself. You will plateau, you may not lose weight one week, you may add a few pounds the next, don't stress just reasess, adjust and keep it consistent. It will all pay off in the end.. if you want a quick fix, be prepared for the weight to fly back on as quick as you lost it. Do it the right way while feeding your body well. 😊

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Homemade chicken strips recipie

Homemade chicken strips recipie. #homemade #realfood #mumanddaughter

Dr Chatterjee

This is a MUST watch. He preaches everything I feel strongly about in my previous posts.. let's get Britain moving!😀😁

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Please can you all take a minute to sponsor my cousin in support of refuge.


Mum&Daughter routine. #exercises #fun #movemore #outdoors #scotland #awayfromthewiifii #freshair #feelgood #free

13 April 2017

Great exercises for toning legs, glutes and triceps

16 April 2017

Watch out for another Mum&DaughterFitness routine coming your way.. loved doing this with my daughter. She's absolutely awesome!! ❤ #fitfam #keepfunctional #enjoytheoutdoors #mumanddaughter #awesome #exercises #fun #beatifulscotland Scotland's Scenery Scotland FITNESS

Put on those walking trousers, for a drizzly but leisurely walk round loch leven today. Fresh air, wildlife, beautiful Scotland. Loch Leven Scotland's Scenery Scotland #walking #freshair #familytime #feelgood

Put on those walking trousers,  for a drizzly but leisurely walk round loch leven today. Fresh air, wildlife, beautiful Scotland. Loch Leven Scotland's Scenery Scotland
#walking #freshair #familytime #feelgood


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