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Official Facebook of Scottish Wild Beaver Group SCIO (SC042626) The Scottish Wild Beaver Group is an officially recognised charity (SCIO) SC042626 and was formed in 2011 in response to the decision of the Scottish government to start trapping the wild beavers that have lived in the River Tay and its many tributaries for over 10 years. Thankfully trapping stopped after a single beaver was trapped and died. Since then beavers in Scotland have been targeted by some landowners with no accurate count of how many have been shot.
The Scottish Wild Beaver Group aims to promote, for the benefit of the public; the study, conservation and protection of wild Eurasian beavers and their natural habitats in Scotland.
Please join Scottish Wild Beaver Group so that we can continue to work for the beavers through education, mitigation and the development of responsible beaver tourism, to reduce any conflict with people that may put beavers at risk. We would like to see full beaver reintroduction throughout the UK in the near future, in conjunction with a sensible management strategy that helps people from all land-use sectors to live alongside the beavers with the minimum of conflict.


Stirling fisherman delighted to see signs of native beavers back in Forth waterways;

Last chance to do this!

Out and about in the snow.

Uwe Stoneman, RSPB Scotland’s Tayside reserves manager, said: “Having beavers back in Scotland is tremendous and Kinnordy is an excellent home for them. Beavers are clever land and water managers. There is ample evidence that they will improve our environment, providing benefits to both wildlife and people on a landscape scale." RSPB Tayside and Fife

We have heard that The Cabinet Secretary for the Environment is hearing a lot of anti beaver stuff from farmers and much less from environmentalists and other pro beaver folk at the moment. She may even decide not to apply European Protected Status to beavers if the farmers continue to keep up more pressure than us. If you want to see beavers protected by law this would be a very good time to write to Roseanna Cunningham to say so as the decision is coming soon. If she is your constituency MSP then you can write to her at Otherwise write to marked for Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Cabinet Secretary for the Environment.

We haven't got long left to get as many positive responses as possible in before the 7th of March. Click the link to see our guide to filling out the Scottish Government consultation on beavers; (Picture by SWBG Trustee Rhona)

Our Newsletter is out!

Our guide to filling out the Scottish Government consultation on our website now;

An opportunity has arisen to become part of our advisory team helping to shape the public perception of beavers in Scotland. If you or someone you know would be interested please see the link below and get in touch.

A beaver doing what it does best on #WorldWetlandsDay, creating wetland! #Scotland #Beavers #WorldWetlandsDay #EcosystemEngineer

Our comment in today's Times;


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