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St Abbs Lifeboat - Working to setup an independant lifeboat station based in St Abbs to save lives at sea.  St Abbs Lifeboat is an independent Search and Rescue Service. We operate the fast Inshore Lifeboat in the UK the Thomas Tunnock.


This weeks medical exercise was a trauma refresher course Our crew we're put through their paces with questions, instruction videos and practical exercises. These included the correct use of SAM pelvic splints, Israeli dressings and hemostatic agents.

From Caroline.... "Here's my Italian friend Piero from Sesto Fiorentino doing his bit not only for the Italian Democratic Party but also for St Abbs lifeboat at the massive Festa Dell'Unità in Florence (including delicious food served by volunteers )"

From its construction in 1862 until the present day, St Abbs Lighthouse has served as a warning to passing ships, a point of navigation and "home" to generations of fishermen from St Abbs. The Shipwrecked Mariners Society held a photography competition again this year, and this stunning photograph of St Abbs Lighthouse, "Beams" by William Pollard, took top prize With the kind permission of Willie, who has allowed us to use this image of his photograph, we have great pleasure in sharing the winning entry...

Clare and Paul were spreading the word in Vancouver, and Karen was at the new Queensferry Crossing....thanks everyone.

It was on this day, September 5th 1914, that St Abbs Lifeboat launched on service, to go to the aid of HMS Pathfinder, which had been hit in the magazine by a torpedo. Steaming just off St Abbs Head, Pathfinder was only making 5 knots to conserve fuel supplies when she was spotted by a German U-boat, the U-21. Her sinking was the first by a motorised torpedo, and resulted in terrible loss of life, approximately 250 sailors. In a recent BBC documentary, "War at Sea: Scotland's Story", the harrowing events of that day were recounted. We still have the station records, and newspaper cuttings from that day. Lest we forget.

What an amazing weekend at the merchandise stall down at St Abbs harbour, probably the best we've had. The support we get from divers and visitors alike has been fantastic, and we cannot thank everyone enough.....everyone digs deep to help out. None of this would be possible though without our hard- working fundraising team, who man the stall every weekend regardless of the weather.......

It's always great to know the hoodies are still so popular... Thanks Lizzie "Someone's so chuffed with their new purchase. She's wanted one of your hoodies for ages and finally managed to get one, despite being a little on the large side. I don't think she's taken it off yet and will be great to snuggle into after her swimming competitions".

Iain, spreading the word in Spain.....

A big thank you to everyone involved with The Rotary Club of Eyemouth & District. At the recent Coldingham Gala they ran a "Teddy Bear Tombola" with all the proceeds to St Abbs Lifeboat. One of our committee was invited to their meeting last week, to give a talk on the lifeboat and to be presented with a fantastic cheque for £600.

This is typical of the sort of family commitment that comes from living in a traditional Lifeboat community. Generation after generation volunteer to help others....

During the programme this week, ITV's Good Morning Britain has been highlighting the work of SAR units around the UK. We are delighted to announce that tomorrow morning they will be broadcasting part of the programme live from St Abbs Lifeboat station, and with favourable weather we will conduct an exercise involving one of their presenters.


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