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This page is to offer my services as an officiant.
Hello, my name is Anneliese, and I want to be your wedding officiant. Located in Colorado. Hello, my name is Anneliese, and I want to be your wedding officiant.
   A little background information about myself. I am 24 and I am (common-law) married with an almost 2 year old. I was born and raised in Colorado. The only other states I have lived in are Kansas and Arizona. I met my husband when I was 21 at a fast food shop called Goodtimes. He was 17. Yes I married someone younger than me. Not only younger, but shorter, skinnier, and pretty much the yin to my yang. We moved really fast. Within about half a year, we had moved in with each other and were expecting a child. Since then, we have never thought about leaving the other. It has been bumpy along the way, but I believe in a marriage that works together, stays together.
   I’m telling you this is for a couple reasons. My first reason is because if you are choosing me to officiate your wedding, it only seems fair that you know my personal background in love and marriage. My second reason, is because I have personal experience with non-traditions.  Not only is my husband younger than me, he is also of hispanic descent, I am super not. I don’t judge anyone’s relationship. If you love each other, that is good enough for me. Third, and last but not least, I appreciate originality. I don’t stick to a single type of ceremony and I want to appeal to all  ranges of clientele. Whatever kind of ceremony you want, you can have it. It’s your day and no one can dictate how your wedding should go.

   As your officiate, I believe face to face contact is the best way to go, unless you want otherwise. I am not the bride, it is not bad luck to see me before the wedding. If you want to meet multiple times for whatever reason, please tell me initially, as I will have to work out a schedule. In this meeting, we will discuss the type of ceremony you would like and any extra items that you would like to add in; i.e., candles, sand, etc. Also we will discuss the location of the wedding, what you would like my dress code to be, and if you would like to write your own vows or not.
   I would love to be your wedding officiant. I appreciate love so much because I experience it everyday. I enjoy to see couples that are in love, celebrate uniting in matrimony. I want to supply you with a once in a lifetime experience and contribute it your big day going off without a hitch. I know as a woman, some of us look forward to this day for years. I also understand that many men look forward to this day also. I want to make sure the ceremony, the most important part of your day, is everything you imagine, and everyone goes home, or on their honeymoon, happy.
   Just a heads up, if you do so happen to choose me as your officiant, there may be a chance that I will bring my husband and my son. They are my life, my loves, my family. I hope you will respect the fact that while I will be marrying you and your love, mine will also be able to join in this special day. So always plan on a +2 for me.