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Supporting economically thriving, self sufficient, safe and healthy communities for all Black People through unity, youth leadership and collaboration. United Nations of Consciousness is a non-profit, community-based organization established in 2015 with headquarters in San Bernardino, CA. As a liaison in the black community, we bring all black businesses, religious organizations, and groups together, regardless of differences, to expand our reach, resources and results. We also believe that economic growth and development is critical for the advancement and sustainability of the black community.
“THE 3 R’S”

One of our core focuses at United Nations of Consciousness is to collaborate with all organizations and groups that serve the Black Community, regardless of religious, political, social and strategic preference. It is our belief, when we all set aside our differences and focus on the work that needs to be done, we will expand our RESOURCES, REACH, and RESULTS to increase the impact of our efforts for our People.

“Divided we fall, but United we stand…”
Community Services
Entrepreneurship Programs and Development

Leadership Training and Development

Youth Services:
Work skill training

High School Diploma/ GED

Literacy Programs

Counseling and Family Services

Community Conflict Resolution

Resource Directory:
Food, Clothing, Shelter, Employment, Education, Substance Abuse

Business Services


Beautification and Remodel

Business Consulting

Business Set up and Incorporation

Merchant Processing Services

Payroll and Accounting

HR and Temp Services

Marketing and Advertising Consulting:
Creative Design
Market Research
Website Development and Social Media Strategy
Media Buys



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