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Elizabethtown Gas

, Union, United States
Public Utility Company



Welcome to the Elizabethtown Gas Facebook page! Monitored: Mon - Fri; 8AM - 5:30PM. To report a gas leak, call: 1-800-492-4009. Do not report on Facebook. With roots that stretch back to 1855, Elizabethtown Gas provides American, abundant and affordable natural gas efficiently to more than 276,000 residential, business and industrial natural gas customers in New Jersey. We serve parts of Union, Middlesex, Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Morris and Mercer counties.


Safety Minute Monday: Every bedroom needs a smoke / CO alarm. Hear the beep where you sleep.

❄ Snow Safety Tip: If your gas meter is covered with snow, use a broom or your hand to brush it away. ❌🔨Never kick or hit your gas meter or its piping with a hammer or any hard object to break away built-up snow or ice.

Today marks the first day of spring! Before you start digging in the dirt, call 811 to mark your underground utilities. #KnowWhatsBelow #SafeDigging

Safety Minute Monday: Know the signs of a gas leak. Never try to find the leak yourself. Leave the area immediately and call 800-492-4009. 👀 Look 👂 Listen 👃 Smell

The LIHEAP Emergency Application period opens today and runs through May 31. If you are a LIHEAP Recipient and are behind on your bills, visit your local intake agency to apply.

🍀 Like leprechauns, natural gas is also invisible, colorless and also odorless, so we add a substance called mercaptan to give it a rotten egg smell.

📏 Do you have enough insulation in your attic? Time to pull out the yard stick.

Safety Minute Monday: Are you prepared for severe weather?

Power outages were frequent this past winter. Be prepared for the spring storms with a natural gas generator.

Say goodbye to drafts and say hello to lower utility bills with new, energy-efficient windows. It's time to upgrade➡

Safety Minute Monday: Be sure to always use a certified natural gas contractor for maintenance checks or service like replacing appliance connectors.

Tankless water heaters heat water on demand, meaning you’ll almost never run out of hot water.