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Crossfit Tarpon Springs

425 E Spruce St, Unit D, Tarpon Springs, United States
Outdoor, Recreation & Fitness



What is Crossfit? Crossfit is defined as "constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement."
The other answer is...come by for a free group workout and see for yourself! At CrossFit Tarpon Springs we incorporate full body movements. Full body movements workout more muscles in less time. This makes CrossFit the perfect program for someone who wants to get the most out of their workout time.


In one week lives will change! Have you signed up for our next Fat Loss Fitness Challenge? Get with a coach, share with a friend, and lets make a life changing decision 💪

Travis finishing up 50 KBS 50 OHS and 50 cal on the rower.

As cute and as strong as it gets! #couplegoals 😍💪

Leave your excuses at the door! Have you signed up for the next challenge? Get with a coach and get your name on the list. You know it works, you've seen our past challengers and their progress 💪 Next Fat Loss Fitness Challenge kicks off August 5th!!!

Congratulations to Coach Wayne on receiving his CrossFit Level 2 Certificate! Our coaches are constantly finding ways to become better through certifications, and extra training to make sure we are able to give the best training to our members 💪

Wow what a great Beach Workout today!!! 1200M Run 60 KB Snatches 50M Backward Ball Toss 80 SB Thrusters 50M Lunge 100 Slamballs FOR 2 ROUNDS!!! Great job everyone!!!

The gym is closed this weekend so we will have both Bootcamp and Crossfit meet at 9am at Sunset Beach. All Lil Ninjas will meet at 11am at the Splash Park!

The team going hard on the 500m ski-erg 💪 Wayne Hubers Seth White

Congratulations Lodi!!!!!

Congragulations to all of our challenge members who took the first steps 6 weeks ago. They now have completed the challenges and left with valuable tools to live the best and healthiest life 😍 💪Get your name in for our next Challenge kicking off August 5th!

It's been a while but we will be posting to our Instagram more! Please follow us and tag us in your posts so we can share your stuff too 💪 @crossfittarponsprings

You can now sign up for yoga! Tomorrow at 10am. Hope to see you there for some ⬇️🐩&🐄&🐈&🐍&🌲!