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Exploring life in Marin, the past, the present, and the future. The Marin Life page was created by longtime Marin resident and Realtor, Jaime Pera.

The page's purpose is threefold:

1) To highlight Marin County and the rich history of the area and its people.  
2) Assist in connecting like-minded Marin lovers together.
3) To help people make sound decisions about real estate in Marin County.


Today I’m going to share a hiking area that many Marinites are probably not that familiar with. I almost feel like it should remain a secret but ….. For years I have been running on the open space trails built on levees behind McInnis Park located at 310 Smith Ranch Road in San Rafael. In my opinion this area has the perfect blend of natural beauty, interesting aquatic life (birds), and a spectacular palette of textures and colors that form in the adjacent marsh pools. The place is just plain beautiful. Look to the southwest and you get an unobstructed view of Mt Tam. Look in the opposite direction and you see peaceful bay views. I’ll guess that in the 20+ years I’ve been running out there that on average I see no more than one person on the trails when out there. Many times I don't see anyone! So check it out. Park in the McInnis Golf parking lot then find the trail that is next to the canal and head east. About ¼ mile into the hike you will see a bench at water’s edge. Right before the bench there is a trail that bends sharply left. Take that and follow the levees all the way around (think rectangle) until you reach the water treatment plant. Go around the plant, pass the skate park, then head back down the hill to the McInnis parking lot. The hike is about 3 ½ miles (7,000 steps for you Fitbit users). Dogs are welcome when on leash. Let me know what you think!

Yes it's true! Franklin Delano Roosevelt actually did step foot in San Rafael. I found this photo in the September 2017 Marin Magazine. In 1942, FDR was on a secret tour of US defense facilities and came to Marin to tour Hamilton Air Field in Novato. On his way to his next stop in San Francisco his caravan passed through San Rafael.where the former Marin County Free Library director, Virginia Keating snapped this extremely rare photo of FDR in his limousine!

Angel Island Earlier this summer my family and I visited Angel Island for the first time in over 20 years. What a great time we had! We walked the entire 6.0 mile perimeter loop around the island, explored some of the old Civil War era buildings, meandered down to a number of beautiful secluded beaches, and took in the sights of the San Francisco Bay. No need to own a boat to see the SF Bay! The island’s Mt Livermore stands at a height of 788 feet and the 360 degree views are truly remarkable. The other cool thing about the walk is that it is entirely paved so strollers roll just fine there! At days end we enjoyed a nice lunch and cold beverages at the Angel Island Café. The fall is a great time to visit Angel Island. Hope that you find time to make it out there! For more info on Angel Island click here: Here is the Angel Island Ferry schedule:

I am on the Board of the Marin History Museum. Over the past year our NEW board has worked very hard to rescue this very important Marin institution from insolvency. I am happy to report that our efforts have been successful and that our next task is to raise additional operational funds to expand the museum and implement planned community programs. The progress in a short time has been dramatic and exciting.! On October 19, 2017 we are having a celebration event at Charlie Goodman's Checkers car collection buildings from 5:30 to 8:30. We will have food, wine, musical entertainment, and a lot of interesting people you will want to meet. Charlie has an amazing collection of vintage cars that is not to be missed! Can you help with a sponsorship? Attached to this posting is a list of sponsorship opportunities. We will also be selling individual tickets priced at $125 a piece. Here is a link to purchase individual tickets. Thank you!

Some good shows at the Marin County Fair this year. Wish I'd seen Ann Wilson last night. Happy safe 4th of July!

I just had to share this video I took yesterday of Eagle Falls in Tahoe off of 89. The runoff creating Eagle Falls is spectacular. I'm certain it's been a long time since it flowed like this. The lake is full, very blue, and many beach areas are underwater. We are fortunate to have Lake Tahoe in our (Marin's) backyard!

Frampton Comes Alive! June 13, 2017 marked the 42 anniversary of Peter Frampton’s iconic concert at the Marin Civic Center. Unbelievable how quickly time flies! Three songs from that night, “Doobie Wah”, “Penny for Your Thoughts”, and the Stones immortal “Jumping Jack Flash made the “Frampton Comes Alive” album. Peter played the following night at Winterland with eight songs from that night making the final album. The balance of the 18 track album was recorded at Island Music Center, Commack, Long Island, NY on August 24, 1975, and State University of New York, Plattsburgh, NY, November 22, 1975. Leading up to the album Peter was a respected musician and was considered innovative, but he had not had a lot of commercial success. The old saying that good things happen to those who are patient is so true as “Frampton Comes Alive remains the top selling LIVE album in history with over 16,000,000 copies sold! For many of us this album and the Days on the Green Concerts which followed are very memorable. What wonderful times we had and what great lessons we learned along the way! I was a freshman in college that year and remember that album being played everywhere I went on campus! And how about the voice box in “Do You Feel Like We Do”? Peter continues to tour today bearing little resemblance to the heart throb, open shirted, there isn’t a shirt button I like idol that we all remember! However this man can still play and he is playing better than ever! I recently watched an acoustic concert of his on AXS TV. I searched high and low for photos of that night in June 1975 with no success. Were any of you there? Does anyone have photos?

On Saturday I went out to the Loch Lomond Marina in San Rafael to see how the new development (The Strand) is coming along. This has always been one of my favorite places to visit because of its proximity to the water, views of the bay, and overall peaceful surroundings. A lot of progress has been made. The new location for Andy's market looks great and a new condo construction phase has started. My greatest surprise however is the amazing Children's Playground that has been built on the northeastern end of the property. Gorgeous enclosed play area with lots of activities, safe, great views, picnic tables, and public restrooms. What a great idea!

This sounds like a great exhibit. San Rafael in the 1880's compared to today. At the Marin Civic Center!

The Marin History Museum is making a comeback! The reconstituted Museum has been in operation for over a year now thanks to a dedicated group of local volunteers, board members, and donors. I'm happy to report that I joined the board this year and am very encouraged by the measurable progress we are making. Here is a link to the June MHM Newsletter. The MHM Speaker Series events excellent. Here is the next scheduled event. I hope to see you there! Thursday, June 22, 2017, 7:00 pm Elks Lodge, 1312 Mission Ave., San Rafael Rails to Trails: Learn about the Legacy Left by Marin's Railroads

Gregg Allman It’s hard to put into words how much Gregg Allman’s music means to me. All I can say is that it is just beautiful man! Bluesy, edgy, with lots of feeling, it transports you to a place you long to know. As many of you know, Gregg lived in San Rafael in the 1990’s and was often seen around town. My brother in fact met him one night at the old “Bit A Honey” bar in Novato. Sadly, Gregg had had a few too many that night so my brother packed him in his car and drove him home! While living in the area, he was known to jam with the Alameda All-Stars. Here is a You tube video of a New Year’s eve 1993 show at the “One Step Beyond” in Santa Clara where he plays Midnight Rider: For kicks, here is the set list for the Allman’s September 26, 1973 show at Winterland. I know that some of you were there! Rest in Peace Gregg! 1. 1 Bill Graham Introduction 00:44 2. 2 Wasted Words 05:11 3. 3 Done Somebody Wrong 04:51 4. 4 One Way Out 08:58 5. 5 Stormy Monday 08:49 6. 6 Midnight Rider 03:40 7. 7 Ramblin' Man 08:12 8. 8 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 17:35 9. 9 Statesboro Blues 05:59 10. 10 Come And Go Blues 06:12 11. 11 Southbound 06:03 12. 12 Jessica 09:57 13. 13 You Don't Love Me 06:08 14. 14 Amazing Grace 04:22 15. 15 Les Brers In A Minor (Pt.1) 10:07 16. 16 Drums 08:45 17. 17 Les Brers In A Minor (Pt.2) 08:27 18. 18 Blue Sky 06:04 19. 19 Trouble No More 04:48