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Sprouted Branch

38811 Forest Blvd, North Branch, United States
Grocery Store



An eclectic, independent natural foods store stocked full of organic groceries, including the best produce in town and local meat and eggs


Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? Mine, of course involve the most lovable handsome little man I know! Gotta get in all the snuggles I can before they head to Maine in less than a month. But first I have some work to do! We are expecting a few orders today. Now and Genexa at least. We did finally get our shipment of peanut flour. It is bagged and ready to be shelved for all of you who have asked. Starting next week, every Thursday we will be running a new special - 10% off all Cadia products. Cadia is a private label available exclusively at small independent retailers. They started in the southwest years ago and just recently became available in this part of the country. They feature high quality, non-gmo, and frequently organic products. They are also very reasonably priced. And for 10% off, why not give them a try? Have a spectacular weekend!

Hello! I cannot believe how gorgeous this weather is!! It could stay like all winter as far as I'm concerned. I know some of you would miss winter, but not me! However, I guess without winter we would have a lot more bugs and snakes. I guess there is an up-side to cold. Doesn't mean I can't dream though. But things are a bit too hectic at the moment to have my head in the clouds so I better get to work! Still working on putting out yesterday's orders from UNFI and Frontier. Hopefully we will be getting one in from Now later today. We are also looking forward to orders from +CBD and Nutribiotic. Probably not til next week on those though. In the meantime we have plenty of yummy sandwiches and salads to choose from in the deli. And of course today is produce basket day, so don't forget to pick up your basket this afternoon. Enjoy the beautiful day!!

Greetings! Interesting expo yesterday. Got a few new recipe ideas. Especially salads. Hopefully we can try them out soon. Also got a possible line on bringing back the Hawaiian red and black salts. We will work on that! But first there is other work to do! UNFI and Albert's were just delivered so there is a lot of produce and bulk product that needs to be bagged and shelved! It looks likely that baskets for this week will include broccoli, apples, pears, grapefruit, cabbage, and probably purple cauliflower. Orders can still be placed today for pick up tomorrow. Please let us know by 4pm at the latest. Today's featured sandwiches include tuna and egg salad. See you soon!

Hello! Have to run quick - have another expo. I think this is the last one for a while! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on this week's produce basket. So far it looks like they will include cabbage, broccoli, apples, grapefruit, pears and more! all depending, of course, on what comes in and looks good! Orders can be placed until 2 pm tomorrow! Have a fabulous day!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did. Had the little man for the weekend and got in a few snuggles with the little lady as well. Didn't make the art crawl, but the seminar we were invited too was very interesting, so it is all good! But now it is back to work! We have a produce order coming in today and another on Wednesday. We are also expecting several other orders this week including Now, Frontier, Carlson, and more! The lunch menu today includes a variety of yummy sandwiches and other goodies. Have a great day!

Happy Friday! Any plans for the weekend? We are going to a small expo sponsored by the chiropractor in North Branch first thing Saturday. Planning to go to the St. Paul art crawl from there for a bit on the way to pick up little man for an overnight. I am so grateful for all the time I get to spend with him right now. Need to pack in all the snuggles I can before they leave for Maine. Wish I could spend more time with Beatrix too, but for the time being she is kind of tied to mom. Here at the store we got some good news. We managed to get some financing and a plumber who is actually working on the plans for the North Branch kitchen! Still not going to happen overnight, but at least we are making progress! In the meantime we will continue with business as usual. Today that mans putting in several of the smaller orders to get things caught up and fully stocked! Whatever you have in mind, enjoy your weekend!!

Good Morning! I tried to post yesterday. I really did. Several times even. However, every time I tried I got the message "this page is unavailable'. Finally just gave up and moved on to other work that needed to be done. I apologize for not getting back to the post. The agenda for today includes putting out the orders that came in yesterday from Albert's and UNFI. We are also working on putting together the produce baskets for pick up after 2pm today. But first we are working on restocking the deli - including chicken salad! Have a great day!

Hello! Sorry for the tardiness - again. A lot going on today. Have reserved seats this evening for a seminar by experts in turmeric processing and use. We were planning to skip out early to meet the new princess, but unfortunately the staff that was scheduled is sick. Just when you think you have enough people to cover no matter what, you find out differently. Long story short, it looks like we will be closing at 5pm today in order to make the seminar. Please call before coming in after 5pm. We are still working on things and hoping to get it covered. We apologize for any inconvenience. Produce baskets this week will likely include pomegranate, pluots, peaches, cauliflower, broccoli, and more. Orders can be placed for a large or small basket up until 2 pm on Wednesday. Pick up is anytime after 2pm on Thursday. See you soon!

Happy Friday!! Seems to be the theme everywhere you turn. Except in my world. Here it is happy Spencer day!!! Spencer is coming this evening for the weekend. So excited I darn near peed my pants! Have to get in all Gramma time I can before they depart for Maine. After that my Gramma days will be few and far between. At least for a while. Not much to report here from the store. Except that October is non-GMO month. 'Look for the Butterfly!' While non-GMO is not guaranteed to be organic, it is definitely a step in the right direction! In honor of non-GMO month we are giving a free re-usable bag to all customers spending $75 or more while supplies last. The deli today includes ham, chicken, tuna, and egg salad! Have a phenomenal weekend - I know I will!!

Good Morning! Hope all is well with your world. Things are going great here. Busy, but great. I cant believe what a busy month October is! Today we are headed to St. Paul for the Minnesota Hospitality expo. There are a few key people we would like to hook up with to expand what we have to offer to you. We are always looking for ways to increase our ability to met the needs of our customers. After all, without you w would cease to exist! The stores will both be in good hands while we are at the expo. Nikki will be in charge at Sprouted Branch, and Esther will be holding down the fort in Pine. Don't forget to pick up your produce basket! They will be ready after 2 pm today. Lunch will be a combination platter including tuna, egg salad, ham salad, and chicken salad. Have a fabulous day!!

Greetings! Alas, not from Spencer-ville. The kids are both done working for now while they await the arrival of Princess B. And pack up everything to move to Maine :(. Don't get m wrong, I am excited for them to have this opportunity, I am just sad that they will be soooo far away! But I digress. It has been a weird morning and time is quickly getting away from me. Therefore I will keep this brief. Produce baskets this week will likely contain greens, kiwi berries, broccoli, beets, peas, grapefruit and apples. Because of the late posting we will accept orders until 6pm tonight. We have to stick strictly to this cut-off time s there will be no one to take the orders after that. And therefore no way of getting produce where it needs to be in time. Apologies for the untimeliness of the posts. Have a great day!

Happy Monday! Feels like forever since I've been here! Amazing what taking two days off can do. Had a lot of fun with family from out of state. Didn't really do anything major, just kind of hung out. It was great. Plus I got to see Spencer Saturday and Sunday. Who could ask for more? But now it is Monday and time to get back to work! It is going to be a strange week a we have two expos to attend this week. Posts will be hit or miss. We are hoping to include apples, grapefruit, pluots, beets and peas along with a few other things in this week's baskets. We won't know for sure until the produce order comes in, but I will try to let you know what we were able to order sometime later tomorrow afternoon. Have a fabulous - albeit somewhat soggy - day!