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Dupont Manual High School Journalism & Communication magnet

120 W Lee St, Louisville, United States
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Journalism & Communication is a nationally recognized and awarded magnet program at duPont Manual High School in Louisville, KY.  



We would like to take a moment to remember Sienna Treeflower, a class of '14 graduate and former student in our magnet program. During Sienna's four years with us, she was a passionate advocate for nature and the environment. We also remember her as kind, gentle and graceful — an avid yoga practitioner & performer in Turners Circus. In ninth grade, she wrote about her love of nature in a project she created for her Digital Design class entitled "Rising Spirit." We've included the cover, opening and closing designs below. Notice the silhouette of Sienna hidden in plain view on the cover, a sophisticated design decision. As part of the project, she included this excerpt along with a photo of herself in a tree, which we’ve shared below. "I believe there is a better way. "There is a way where we can remember our ecosystem and let go of our ego. A way where we do not look down on anyone or anything, but understand that we are all working together in this life. A way with no judgment. A way where we do not base our life on learned systems of beliefs, religion, social status, or government, but instead from what we know in our hearts to be right. This is the way where all are equal. This is the way where we find love and peace. "I believe this is the future of Earth. And I believe it is possible." Her interest in environmental causes continued throughout her days at duPont Manual. The yearbook quoted Sienna during her junior year about her activism during I Love Mountains Day, an annual protest in Frankfort that raised awareness about mountaintop removal. See the article called "Be My Mountaintine" from the '13 yearbook. On behalf of the J&C magnet and the class of '14, we extend our most heartfelt condolences to Sienna's family and friends, along with our wish that the investigation will bring answers, allowing the healing process to begin soon. Sienna's rising spirit won't be forgotten.

Some exciting news for our magnet! The Courier-Journal reached out to the J&C magnet a couple of weeks ago. Because a group of students representing three J&C staffs will be traveling to DC to cover the March For Our Lives next week, the CJ has asked to incorporate the students’ coverage into their own. Our kids will gain real news bylines and exposure, and they’re beyond thrilled that their voices will be amplified throughout the region. Here are some pictures from our encounter with Joel Christopher, the executive editor, at a meeting today. He spent an hour an a half speaking to the students about their plans and then he & the reporters led the group on a tour of the newsroom. In the pictures below, he’s explaining to the kids how the CJ staff uses an analytics application to track their reach. To keep up with their coverage, follow @thecspn on Twitter and pick up the next issue of On the Record, which will be released in April. I’ll also post updates on the students themselves on the magnet Twitter account, @manualjc. And, of course, you’ll see the kids’ work in the print and digital forms of the Courier.


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